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TickTalk 4 is a safety-conscious LTE/4G kids smartwatch

TickTalk have announced they will be launching the fourth generation of their smartwatch for kids next month. The upcoming timepiece focuses on privacy and data protection, while not skimming on smartwatch features.

The current generation TickTalk 3 is a popular seller. This is a watch for kids that tries to cover all the bases. It combines 2-way video calling, voice calling, Wi-Fi and 4G reception, smart messaging, and location-tracking capabilities into one simple device.

In essence, the device works like a small standalone cellphone. It does mean, though, that you need to fork over $10 each month for a prepaid monthly plan with RedPocketor. But you can add a new line to your own GSM carrier, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro PCS and Cricket.


The company is now preparing to unveil TickTalk 4. The device will first launch via the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform on March 9th. Pre-orders on the TickTalk website will follow from March 25th.

TickTalk 4 is a safety conscious LTE/4G kids smartwatch
Image source: TickTalk

Designed for kids between 5 and 12 years old, TickTalk 4 comes with end-to-end encrypted messaging, firewall protection, emergency SOS contacts and parental controls. Mom and dad can track the watch location through the TickTalk smartphone app, approve contacts, see a log of calls and texts and more.

Thankfully, there is no access to the internet, games or social media. But there are two 5 megapixel photo and video cameras, 2-way voice, Wi-Fi and video calling, fitness tracking with daily step goals and unlimited free music streaming from iHeartRadio Family. The Secure Messaging Center allows for sending of photos, texts, emojis, voice messages and GIFs.

TickTalk 4 is a safety conscious LTE/4G kids smartwatch
Image source: TickTalk

All of this is powered by a massive 1000 mAh battery. In fact that’s the largest battery capacity on any children’s smartwatch.

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TickTalk 4 will sell for $179.99 when it becomes available. You’ll be able to choose from Titanium Black, Galaxy Blue and Laser Pink options.

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