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Fitbit’s Get in Your Zone challenge starts on February 22nd

If you are looking for a bit of extra motivation to get moving, Fitbit’s Get in Your Zone week long challenge starts on February 22nd.

Active Zone Minutes

Fitbit’s Active Zone Minutes (AZM) first debuted on Charge 4, but have since made they way to a plethora of devices. Rather than just awarding you based on your step count, AZM award you depending on how hard your heart is working.

It’s all to do with heart rate zone information. If you’re not sure what that is, check out this article where we explain it all. You have 5 heart rate zones. The harder your heart is beating the higher the zone.

These heart rate zones are not the same for each person. Fitbit takes your your resting heart rate, age and other info into consideration when calculating the info.

Fitbit’s Get in Your Zone challenge starts on February 22nd

AZM take the time spent in each heart rate zone and award you accordingly. The higher the zone, the more points you accumulate. This type of reward system makes it easy to identify which workouts benefit you most. The average person should be looking to hit 150 points every week week.

Fitbit has set this based on American Heart Association and World Health Organization recommendations. But you can, of course, set your own goal via the Fitbit smartphone app.

Get in Your Zone challenge

Now the wearables manufacturer is running a challenge based on the metric. To enter you’ll need to have a compatible device such as a Charge 4, Inspire 2 or any Fitbit smartwatch.

The 7 day competition starts tomorrow, February 22nd. To enter navigate to the today screen in the Fitbit smartphone app. You’ll notice a new tile there that says “Get in Your Zone”. Tap on it and a “Get Started” screen will pop up. Now choose “Join”, and this will transition you into the gameplay screen.

Fitbit’s Get in Your Zone challenge starts on February 22nd Fitbit’s Get in Your Zone challenge starts on February 22nd

You are not trying to beat anyone. Instead, you are competing with yourself. The goal is to accumulate as many AZM as you can during the week.

You’ll earn the Silver badge when you hit 75 AZM, the Gold badge at 150 AZM and for the hardest working Diamond at 300 AZM. That should be enough to keep you going over the next few days.

The smartphone app will show you where you currently are, and how far away you are from the AZM goal. A countdown will display how much time is left before the challenge finishes. As you’d expect, successfully hitting a target will trigger a celebration animation in the app.

Realistically, any improvement on your typical AZM should be rewarded. So even if you don’t hit those goals, as long as you’ve made progress you should pat yourself on the back. Consecutive small improvements lead over time to big improvements and a healthier lifestyle.

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