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Apple may launch a more robust watch model for Extreme Sports

Apple is reportedly looking at the possibility of launching a more durable model of the Apple Watch for those into Extreme Sports.

This is according to a report by Mark Gurman at Bloomberg. Sources which wished to remain anonymous, told him the Cupertino outfit is looking at branching into other models to target different buyer types.

The “rugged” model is expected in the latter part of this year or start of 2022 at the earliest. While it would retain the square look of the other iterations, the timepiece would be useable in extreme environments. To this end it would come with a sturdier design which offers more protection.

We have seen a number of companies offering such products. Garmin and Casio spring to mind with their wide range of sports watches. Another popular brand is Amazfit. They’ve just launched a more rugged T-Rex Pro. There’s obviously a market for this sort of thing that includes athletes, hikers, mountaineers and others.

The new watch would be along the lines of the Apple Watch SE. The same device, but with some alternations. That’s much easier than designing an entirely new device.

Which means the rugged Apple Watch would use existing technology – only things such as water-resistance and build would be upgraded. For example, Apple could use a rubberized exterior to make the device more shock resistant.

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None of this has been confirmed or denied by the tech giant just yet. We don’t expect it will. Sources close to Bloomberg added that “development of the new Apple Watch variation could ultimately be canceled or delayed”.

The model that definitely will go ahead, though, is the Apple Watch Series 7. We don’t know for sure what it will bring but you can bet it will launch in September. There’s talk we might even get blood-pressure tracking and perhaps glucose monitoring this time around. If we do it will be a game-changer.

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