Rumours resurface, Apple Watch Series 8 reportedly to pack a flat design

Apple Watch Series 8 will reportedly pack a flat design with a slightly larger display when it launches in September. This is according to YouTuber and someone with a good record when it comes to tech leaks – Jon Prosser.

You might recall that this type of design was actually expected to arrive last year for Series 7. In the months before the launch we had information from multiple sources, one of which was the much respected Bloomberg. They shared insider information and 91mobiles even posted supposed renders of the device. In the end nothing came of this and we got an Apple Watch Series 7 that looks very similar to the predecessor generations.

Now we have a resurfacing of these same rumours. Perhaps we should pay note, this time around, as Jon Prosser is the person who leaked Google Pixel Watch well before the search giant announced it is real.

Apple Watch Series 8 – what to expect

According to his Prosser’s sources, Series 8 will come with a square-ish design comparable to the likes of some of the iPhones and the iPad Pros. Some will be a fan of this concept, others may not. In our mind, an Apple Watch that offers a bit of variety in design would not be a bad thing.

The images in this article are renders showing what the timepiece will look like. They are not the real thing but are based on the leaked information. Check out Prosser’s video at the end of this article for more details.

Apple Watch Series 8

As you can see, the cover glass of the display will be flat while the edges of the housing now fall steeply. The screen real-estate should also be slightly larger but there is no word exactly how much. For reference, the 41mm iteration of Apple Watch Series 7 has a 1.61 inch OLED, while the 45mm variant has a 1.77 inch display.

According to other rumours, Series 8 will get sensors for measuring body temperature for the first time on an Apple Watch. Other improvements are expected to come in the form of some new sports features and functions for monitoring heart health. There’s also talk of satellite connectivity innovations.

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No mention of any boost to battery life. Also, the blood pressure tracking functionality is still at least a year away as it has been hit with delays. It is now expected to land in 2023 or 2024. The same is the case for the much talked about glucose tracking functionality. This might be off in the more distant future. Our hope is that some promising technology that is in the works will help make this a reality sooner rather than later.

Some details are also circulating on the rumoured Apple Watch SE 2. The device is expected to make a showing this September alongside the regular variant as a cheaper option. SE2 is expected to arrive with an always-on display and improved chip, but also a bigger price-tag than SE1.

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