Apple Watch Series 7 will pack flat sides and a larger display than before

With a release date just around the corner, some more details have emerged on the Apple Watch Series 7. The upcoming device will apparently feature flat sides and a larger display than before.

Back in June we saw the first alleged renders of the Series 7. They revealed something that looks slightly different than the timepiece we are used to. Series 7 will reportedly feature a square-ish design comparable to the likes of the iPhone 12 and iPad Pros.

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Like with everything else, we’re sure there will be fans of the concept and those dead set against it. That is if this, indeed, turns out to be the design. But a couple of different sources, including Bloomberg, have confirmed that this is what Apple Watch Series 7 will look like. Now we can add another source to this list.

Apple Watch Series 7 CAD-based renders

The latest info comes from 91Mobiles. They apparently have their own Apple insiders which revealed some more info about the upcoming device. 91mobiles have also put together some CAD-based renders showcasing Series 7 in all its glory. This reveals a device that looks very much like the one we first saw back in June.

The major difference from the previous generations is the flat-edged boxed design. Another change is the speaker grills which are bigger. Take a look at the left side of the render below and you’ll notice the two large slits for speakers that extend nearly the entire width of the case side.

Apple Watch Series 7 will pack flat sides and a larger display than before

The back of the device shows the typical sensors. Some are hoping for blood pressure, glucose, hydration. We are highly sceptical any of this will come. If we do see any of them it will most likely be in Series 8. Some promising technology is in the works which will soon make this (and more) a reality.

Apple Watch Series 7 will pack flat sides and a larger display than before

You will still navigate the device via the touch-display and rotating Digital Crown on the right. The crown and digital button placement seems to be unchanged.

Apple Watch Series 7 will pack flat sides and a larger display than before

91mobiles has revealed that, as before, there will be a 44mm and a 40mm Apple Watch Series 7 model. The exact dimensions of the larger variant come in at 44 x 38 x 9 mm which makes it slightly thinner than the equivalent Series 6 model (44 x 38 x 10.7 mm).

Hopefully those 1.7 millimetres that were shaved off do not mean a compromise of the battery size. Apple is struggling as it as with battery life on its smart timepiece.

The good news is that we can look forward to a slightly larger display than before. Series 7 will reportedly pack a 1.8 inch screen, so bigger than the 1.73 inch that can be found on the 44mm Series 6 model. This will be achieved by shrinking the bezels.

The release date of Apple Watch Series 7 is not too far off now. It’s a matter of waiting around for another month. We anticipate the device will be announced in early to mid-September alongside iPhone 13s, with availability starting late that month.

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