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Misfit’s new website and logo point to change in direction

Misfit has relaunched its website with a new logo, a few products for purchase and a hint at a change at direction.

The wearable maker is one of the pioneers in the fitness band and smartwatch space. Devices such as the Misfit Shine, Misfit Ray and Misfit Phase provided a sign of the things to come.

About five years ago, the company was acquired for a cool $260 million by Fossil Group. Since then we’ve seen a few new watches. This includes the Misfit Vapor range and Misfit Path.

However, the last timepiece launched by the outfit was the Misfit Vapor X – that was some two years ago. Look at their social media accounts and you’ll notice there has been almost no activity since then.

The company wouldn’t be the first to drop out of the wearable tech race. That’s certainly what we suspected was going on when the Misfit website disappeared over a month ago. But today it is back.

A change in direction for Misfit?

The revamped website comes packing an all new logo – you can see it below. You can still purchase a few of the old products. Click on one of the images and that will take you through to a purchase link. We didn’t spot that initially and thought the company had discontinued its range of smartwatches.

Misfit’s new website and logo point to change in direction

The site says:

“Get on our list and be the first to learn when we’re about drop something awesome. Fair warning, things might get weird.”

There’s an accompanying video which introduces something called Misfit Makers. It also refers to “shaking things up”, “growing, changing and evolving”.

So what’s going on?

The website describes the company is becoming a new platform for creativity. This includes “pop culture conversation” and collaboration with famous artists. It also mentions watches. So clearly the outfit intends to continue manufacturing wearables. But they will be of a different kind.

Instead of mass producing watches, it looks like Misfit will focus on churning out limited edition timepieces, and tech accessories. A place for creators and collectors alike.

If this ends up being the new direction – it makes sense. Over a decade ago when Misfit was starting out there was very little competition in the wearables space. The same cannot be said of the situation today.

Which makes it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. The sensor tech is becoming cheaper and more easily accessible by the day. We now have huge companies such as Apple, Samsung and Google in the game, plus there’s a plethora of low cost devices from Asia. It’s no wonder Swiss watch makers are struggling to make a profit.

We’ve not see a new wearable from Misfit for some two years now. But don’t be surprised if in the months ahead they start dropping artsy limited edition timepieces. Maybe, lots of them. Misfit is under the Fossil Group umbrella now so has the cash and technical expertise to focus on carving a niche for their products.

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  • So what should I do will all my Misfit devices? Toss them? And frankly, their new logo is silly looking.

  • As above. Are all old misfits useless now?

  • Same as above? !!


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