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It was only an April fools joke folks, there is no Amazfit GTS 2 Maximus!

Huami has managed to fool a few people yesterday with their Amazfit GTS 2 Maximus video. Just to make things clear, the device will not see the light of day.

The “advertisement” appeared on the first day in April, commonly known as April Fools Day. It shows an incredibly massive version of GTS 2 dubbed Maximus. This was posted on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The clip starts off by saying “Meet the biggest smartwatch ever!” There is so much space you can even slide credit cards underneath for “easy storage”. If you lose it there is a function in the smartphone app that allows you to disintegrate the watch at the touch of a button.

Check out the video below.

Some people took this advertisement as serious. When it clearly wasn’t. And the video says at one point “Just kidding”.

But who can blame them? We have seen massive watches in the past. One of these is the Ticwrist Max 4G. That one looks even bigger than the GTS 2 Maximus in the video. There’s obviously a market for this sort of thing, although we imagine it is very small.

The massive TicWris Max 4G is like a smartphone on your wrist
Image source: TicWris

Yes, the image above is a real “watch” that you can purchase.

And while we are clearly not getting the Maximus there are more than enough devices in the GTS 2 series for everyone. In addition to the standard variant, there is the GTS 2 Mini which comes with a smaller display but doesn’t skim on features. In our review we found this to be one of the best budget fitness watches around. If you don’t mind the small form-factor.

The other option is the GTS 2e. That one loses the music storage of the standard edition, the microphone, WiFi connectivity and premium build. But battery life has received a boost as compared to the original plus there’s a temperature sensor.

There’s also a talk of one more timepiece in the GTS 2 series. That one will reportedly have LTE making it Huami’s (or Zepp as its called now) first watch with cellular capability. The company has yet to confirm or deny this rumor.

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