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The $700 G-Squad GSW-H1000 is Casio’s first G-Shock WearOS watch

The outfit behind a string of rugged timepieces has released its first WearOS watch in the G-Shock series. The $700 Casio G-Squad GSW-H1000 is also the company’s only watch to pack a color display.

Casio has a string of rugged outdoorsy watches. The watches in the G-Shock series all have one thing in common – they run on the company’s proprietary operating system. Until now.

The Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 comes with Google’s operating system installed. That’s good news for WearOS fans, as a number of other brands seem to be pulling away from the platform. The common complaints are that the operating system is sluggish and eats up battery life pretty quick.

Although this is Casio’s first WearOS watch in the G-Shock series it already has a devices running on the Google platform. These are part of its Pro Trek lineup.

The $700 G-Squad GSW-H1000 is Casio’s first WearOS
Image source: Casio

The GSW-H1000 looks very similar to other watches in the G-Shock range. So once again you are getting a device that can take quite a beating and a body made of durable materials along with a titanium back.

As far as the actual specs, the timepiece packs a 1.32 inch dual-layer display. A bit similar to some Mobvoi watches, it has an always on Monotone LCD that shows the time. When the display kicks into full gear it transitions into color TFT LCD (320 x 300 pixels). In this mode you can see the entire range of stats including activity data, maps, notifications and more.

Under the hood the GSW-H1000 has a raft of sensors including built-in GPS, compass bearing sensor, altitude, barometric pressure, optical heart rate sensor and more. Some 24 indoor and 15 outdoor workouts are supported and this includes swimming thanks to 200 meters water resistance. As you’d expect from an adventurers watch, some more extreme sports are supported such as surfing and snowboarding.

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The watch only gets about a day and a half of battery juice on a single charge with normal use. No surprise really considering it is running on Wear OS. There is a way around it if you run the “multi timepiece mode.” In this mode the device will keep going for up to a month between charges. But this is with limited functionality and no color display.

The benefit of the watch running on Wear OS are the plethora of third-party apps can be installed on the platform. Plus there are other features such as Google Assistant access.

The Casio GSW-H100 is rather pricey. It will set you back $699 in the US or £599 in the UK. You can pick it up in a choice between red, black and blue colors. Availability starts in mid-May.

The device has not been added to the US site yet. But you can check it out on Casio UK.

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