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The first scale from MyKronoz shows a complete picture of your body

Swiss-based MyKronoz has released its first-ever body scale. The appropriately named MyScale comes with an attractive LED color display and six different metrics for a complete picture of your body.

The wearable manufacturer is a bit late to the party as far as smart scales. But it does offer a comprehensive range of fitness bands and smartwatches. This includes the ZeRound3, ZeTime and the recently released ZeTrack+ and ZeNeo+.

The last two of these come with some interesting functionality that comes in the form of a body temperature sensor. All of these watches are rather low priced, with the full range retailing below $100.

MyKronoz MyScale – technical specs

MyScale is a worthy first effort from MyKronoz. The product is round in shape with a large LED, unlike anything we’ve seen so far. You can read the screen from a few feet away and it comes to life with multiple colors. In fact MyScale has a RedDot 2021 award. This is an international competition for product design.

The thin design of the connected scale and quality tempered glass on top will look good in any bathroom. The full dimensions come in at 34 x 2.7 cm and the weight of the scale is 2.1kg.

The first scale from MyKronoz shows a complete picture of your body
Image source: MyKronoz

MyScale allows you to keeps tabs on weight trends, BMI, fat mass, bone mass, muscle mass and water mass. As we often say, the first of these is accurate, along with BMI. But take all the other metrics with a pinch of salt as they are just estimates based on bioelectrical impedance analysis. These values can fluctuate wildly from day to day.

The connected scale also comes with a heart rate sensor although the use of this will be limited as you are capturing your heart rate while standing. Which means it will not read your resting heart rate. But it’s useful to have in any case. If you don’t want to capture heart rate simply step off the scale once your weigh and body composition have been captured.

The first scale from MyKronoz shows a complete picture of your body
Image source: MyKronoz

All these metrics can be studied in detail in the accompanying smartphone app for up to 8 users. The data will find its way there automatically thanks to Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity. Other functionality includes a weather forecast on the scale itself.

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Just make sure you don’t lose the USB-C cable as you will not use it often. On-board is a huge Li-ion 3000 mAh battery. On a single charge it can keep the thing going for a full year.

MyKronoz MyScale sells for $99. You can purchase it in a choice between black and white.

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