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First OnePlus Watch update does little to fix underlying issues

The OnePlus Watch is getting its first over-the-air software update. However, the improvements will do little to fix the numerous underlying issues.

The watch seemed attractive on paper when it was launched in late-March. It has its own operating system based on WearOS, an attractive OLED display, built-in GPS and the usual fitness tracking sensors. And all this for just $160.

But it seems you get what you pay for. Reviews were mediocre. You could even say some were abysmal!

The positives were the nice design and excellent 14 day battery life. There were, however, many more negatives. The watch is not very accurate when it comes to fitness and activity tracking, it doesn’t fully support sleep, there’s no always-on display option, you can’t tap the watch face to wake it up and there’s no third-party app. The list goes on.

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The problem is the device seems like a rushed, unfinished product. The end-result is a glorified fitness band that comes in the form of a watch.

If you were hoping the first software update would fix the main issues, we are sorry to disappoint you. Here’s the log of changes.

  • Improved GPS performance
  • Improved accuracy of activity tracking (walking and running)
  • Optimized heart rate monitoring algorithm
  • Enabled notification app icons for the most frequently used apps
  • Improved raise-to-wake function
  • Optimized notification syncing algorithm
  • Fixed some known bugs
  • Improved system stability

Luckily, more updates are in store further down the line. We’re not sure exactly when they will land but this is the “to-do” list that was posted on the OnePlus Forum.

  • Add Always-on Display feature
  • Add remote camera control of Android smartphones (Android phones running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above) from OnePlus Watch
  • Add 12-hour time format
  • Add 4 languages: German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish
  • Enable all 110+ workout modes
  • Enable AI watch face

The first update is available now in the US and Canada. It should start rolling out in other regions soon.

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