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Amazon Alexa support comes to Amazfit GTS 2: here’s how to enable & use

Amazfit GTS 2 is finally getting an advertised yet up-to-now unavailable feature. Amazon Alexa support is coming via a firmware update that is currently rolling out. Here’s how to set-up and use.

We reviewed GTR 2 recently and found it to be a definite improvement over the original. With a beautiful AMOLED display and built-in GPS it offers a lot for the price. There’s clearly lots to like. The GPS issues from the first generation device seem to have been ironed out.

GTR 2 also has a built-in speaker and microphone. This can be used to accept calls once you’ve enabled the functionality. The settings walk you through a separate pairing process which needs to be done in order for this to function.

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You can also perform voice operations on your watch without internet access through offline voice control. And now with firmware update you’ll be able to use the microphone to interact with Amazon Alexa. At the time of writing this article, the update is only available on GTS 2, not on GTR 2.

Zepp Health says this will work in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zeland, Canada, Germany, Austria, India, Japan, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Brazil. We’re not really sure when/if support will be coming to other countries. The current version supports English only but other languages will be added in the future.

Furthermore, the update improves heart rate measurement accuracy and increases alarm bell length to 60 seconds. There’s also an all-day stress display bug that has been squashed.

No word yet when Amazon Alexa support will be coming to GTR 2. Apart from the design, the device is nearly identical to GTS 2 so it probably won’t be long.

How to enable & use Amazon Alexa on Amazfit watches

Once the update is installed you’ll need to go through a brief set-up if you want to use Amazon Alexa. The procedure is the same for all Amazfit watches that support the functionality. This includes the Amazfit Band 5, Amazfit Bip U Pro, Verge and others.

Here’s what to do to enable Amazon Alexa.

  1. Make sure your watch is paired to the Zepp smartphone app.
  2. In the smartphone app, go to Profile/Add accounts/Amazon Alexa/Login with Amazon
  3. You’ll now need to authorise access. Enter your Amazon account name and password.
  4. If all is well, the app will let you know after a few seconds. You are now good to go.

To use Amazon Alexa on your watch simply hold the upper button on GTS 2 for one second. The other option is to do a slide right from the home watch face and click “Alexa” on the screen. You ask questions by speaking to the watch, Alexa responses will appear as text on the watch display.

There’s lots you can do. Amazon Alexa supports smart home commands, alerts and timers, lists, weather info, calendar search, translation, information, entertainment, geolocation, restaurants, recipe queries and more. It will even tell you a joke on request.

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