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G-Shock GBA900 is Casio’s most budget-friendly fitness watch yet

Casio has launched late last week the G-Shock GBA900. With a $130 price-tag, this is its most affordable fitness tracking watch to date.

Apart from the questionable naming convention, the recognizable feature of Casio G-Shock watches is their robustness. In that sense, G-Shock GBA900 is no different.

The thing is built to be able to take quite a beating. This is both on land and in water thanks to 200 meter water-resistance. The body is constructed of a patented Hollow Core Guard Structure which protects against impact and vibration. Nonetheless, the watch has a slim 16.6mm case and is quite light at only 61 grams. The band is made of soft urethane with holes for breathability.

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The 51.3×48.9mm display is a combination of an analog dial on the top of an LCD interface. This is reinforced by hard glass which offers protection against scratching. There’s a separate LED light for the face and LED backlight for the digital display. The analogue screen solely displays the time.

This is a budget watch so its fitness tracking abilities are quite limited. There’s an accelerometer inside but no heart rate sensor or anything fancy such as a blood oxygen monitor.

Having said that the G-Shock GBA900 can connect to your smartphone’s GPS which makes it useful for running. You’ll get info such as speed, running distance, calories expended and pace. All of this can be viewed post-run in the G-SHOCK Move Android/IOS app.

G-Shock GBA900 is Casio’s most budget-friendly fitness watch
Image source: Casio

Outside of running stats, the smartphone software shows your daily step count. This can also be seen on the watch’s circular indicator LCD. With a push of a button, hands move away from the LCD to permit free visibility.

Other features include a calendar, 5 daily alarms, 1/100 sec stopwatch, count-down timer and 31-city world time. Battery life is approximately two years.

The G-Shock GBA900 is available in four different color options on Casio’s website. The watch costs $130 which makes it the cheapest in its smartwatch lineup.

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