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Fitbit Luxe hit with shipping delays, expected “in the next few weeks”

Fitbit has pushed back shipping of its Luxe fitness tracker. Originally set for late May it is now expected ship sometime in June.

Some of those that have pre-ordered have received the following email.

Thank you for being one of the first to order our newest fitness and wellness tracker, Fitbit Luxe. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

We wanted to let you know we’re still putting a few finishing touches on the product experience, and we estimate you’ll receive your Luxe within the next few weeks.

We’re working hard to get you your tracker as soon as possible—and we promise it’ll be worth the wait!

The Fitbit team

This also goes on to offer users 50% off on a Luxe accessory.

It is not exactly clear why Fitbit has been hit with delays. It could be last minute ironing of bugs. This is the first time in recent memory that a Fitbit product has not shipped as originally set.

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Most European retailers such as Amazon and FNAC/Boulanger (in France) have postponed the shipping date to the 1st of July. This has been amended from late May. A few retailers have not specified a date – just saying “to be announced”. In Australia, it has also slipped from late May to June. One local retailer in the country (The Good Guys) lists the date as July 7th.

Those that have enquired on the Fitbit live chat have been told there is no specific date. And that the team will let them know when the item is ready to ship.

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The US Fitbit store has amended the release date to “ships in June”. So those living in the country may get their device before other regions. But once again, there’s no specific date.

The delay will be a disappointment to those that have pre-ordered. But it is good Fitbit is sending some direct communication to them with updates on the situation.

Luxe might be Fitbit’s most elegant fitness tracker yet

Luxe is arguably the most attractive wearable from Fitbit yet. It manages to pack lots of fitness tracking and health functionality (all the basics + stress, blood oxygen) into a slim body. This is made all the more attractive thanks to a sleek AMOLED touchscreen display. Luxe is rated 5 ATM as far as water-resistance and it will run for about 5 days on a single charge.

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15 thoughts on “Fitbit Luxe hit with shipping delays, expected “in the next few weeks”

  • I re ordered Fitbit luxe but have no confirmation that I placed order?

    • That would worry me. A lot. I would contact them because I definitely got an order confirmation email.

  • I’m sure it’s the chip shortage that everyone is dealing with right now. Google about it affecting the automotive industry. We won’t be seeing many new vehicles for months still!

  • Thank you for the update! I’ll be patient I bought the white & gold one at 1st I wanted pink.. So I got whit with gold & placed a 2nd order for the luxe pink band its soo fancy (;

  • I pre ordered the luxe on 22/4/21 I got 6 months free premium Fitbit ships late May, premium started straight away, it’s now June not received any email saying why it’s late & premium I can’t use

    • I contacted Fitbit about the same issue–Premium starting right away even though the Luxe isn’t shipping for another few weeks–and they extended the Premium membership. Always worth reaching out to customer service!

      • Good job! They should extend membership considering the delay.

      • How lucky that you could actually reach customer service. I have had no success via phone or email. Customer service does not seem to exist.

      • Interesting – I literally just got off a chat with customer service about the same thing, and was told that they had no way of extending the membership.

  • Hope Fitbit can announce the shipment date as I will be leaving Canada by the 3rd of July.

  • I ordered my Luxe on May 8th. I got the order confirmation and haven’t received a single thing since. It would be nice to get updates every week or so just so I know they haven’t forgotten about me.

  • Ordered a Fitbit Luxe back in early May, as a gift for my wife’s birthday at the start of June. I too got the email of delay and 50% off offer on one accessory.

    My daughters birthday is in July, so I thought I may buy her a Fit bit Luxe as well, but experienced issues trying to use the promo code (not working) for an accessory and placing an order for the Fitbit Luxe. I thought in my naivety that contacting Fitbit would be an easy thing to do to resolve a sales issue. How wrong I was, it was extremely stressful

    Fitbit act like some secret organisation, to contact them now you have to either use chat (requires a Fitbit account and all your personal weight height details – useless if you bought a Fitbit Luxe as a gift, telephone, which I tried but after 30 minutes of non committal help, I got left on hold for over 10 minutes so hung up, or Twitter, which is fine if you use social media. In the end, I had to use my company Twitter account to contact them, and lets say they would make great politicians, they said a lot but said nothing of any use to assist me. Now I am looking at alternatives to Fitbit, and considering cancelling my original order

  • Fitbit customer service is so very bad, I would be very leery about pre-ordering any Fitbit product (& definitely not from Fitbit directly).

  • I’ve been very satisfied with my Fitbit products and service. I just received notification that my Fitbit Luxe has shipped along with the other strap I ordered. Can’t wait!

    • Good to know they finally started shipping! 🙂


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