Wearbuds Watch: 3rd Gen of smartwatch that stores your earbuds

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After two successful crowdfunding campaigns, Aipower is back on Indiegogo with the third generation of Wearbuds Watch. The main party trick of this device is that it houses wireless Hi-Fi earbuds in a smartwatch. Essentially, an AirPods-like product that is built for ultra-portability.

Three Wearbuds Watch generations so far

Most crowdfunding campaigns carry a high degree of risk for the investor. This one, not so much considering the company has delivered two generations of the product through the platform so far. In 2019 Aipower raised around $1.5 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. A year later it was back with another successful campaign.

Now we are getting the third generation product. The company says it has improved the manufacturing process, and will be able to ship 1500 units as soon as the campaign ends. The rest of the units will be delivered to backers by October 2021.

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This version is different from the first two iterations in that it looks like a regular smartwatch, i.e. it has a circular face with a 1.2 inch TFT display. The first two generations have an elongated form-factor that looks like a cross between a fitness band and watch. This makes the 3rd Gen more attractive.

High quality sound

The earbuds themselves are not all too special although they do produce high-quality sound. But what makes them truly unique is that they are stored and charged inside a built-in charging compartment in the watch.

This means no more looking around trying to find where you left them or their charging case. Plus you know you will never run out of battery juice as the buds will always be fully charged. Simply take them out of the fitness band and they are ready to go.

The buds come with a 6mm Graphene Horn speaker and a Digital Silicon Microphone. With support for Bluetooth 5.0, they feature flawless audio streaming with no skips or drops thanks to the use of an advanced audio chip. They also bring high-fidelity sound through fine-tuned graphene-augmented drivers.

Both earbuds support Bluetooth 5’s mono mode, which means you can use either of them to make hands-free phone calls. The built-in passive noise cancellation and noise-canceling mics should ensure you and the caller can speak undisturbed. You can also access your phone assistants (Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa).

Fitness tracking

The other part of this product is the fitness band. And this has received a boost this time around. It adds to the innovative element that comes from combining the two products together.

In addition to storing and charging your buds, the fitness band keeps tabs on steps, calories, heart rate, sleep and exercise. All this, of course, comes with a smartphone app which lets you analyse your fitness data and customise notification settings.

There’s also some advanced health functionality that comes in the form of blood oxygen tracking, skin temperature and a blood pressure sensor. We should note that we don’t have much confidence in the watch’s ability to track the last on this list. Even well recognized brands do not have blood pressure tracking from the wrist nailed down.

Battery life of the watch is an excellent 10 days on a single charge. The buds are good for about 2.5 hours of music listening before needing a top-up. About an hour and a half inside the watch is what it takes to charge them from zero to full.

The watch is a bit thick, coming in at 15mm so that’s something to be aware of. It was necessary, of course, in order to fit the earbuds inside the body. The face of the device measures 45mm x 35mm and that’s connected to a 20mm strap.

Early-birds can pick up this 2 in 1 product for a reasonable $129 in a number of different color options. This is 48% down on the price Wearbuds Watch will sell for when the products hits retail availability.

Price:$129 and up

Funding open:
$66,409 pledged of $22,684 goal
44 days left

Estimated delivery: October 2021

View on:

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