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In/Out 3.0 tennis line call device is more accurate than ever

In/Out has released the fourth generation of their portable tennis line call device. It comes with more accuracy, an added camera and support for pickleball and badminton.

There are lots of tennis gadgets you can buy but perhaps the most interesting of all is In/Out. Unlike anything else other there, it brings automatic line calling during tennis play to the masses. You essentially get your own personal ‘Hawkeye’ system.

The GoPro like device can be fastened to any tennis net post in less than a minute to detect in real-time which side of the line the ball lands. It does this thanks to the same algorithms that keep self driving cars on the road.

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We tested out the first generation product and found that it worked pretty well. Not perfect all the time as the margin of error is up to 20-30mm. For us the more useful aspect of the product was the video replay.

With two cameras recording both sides of the court in 1080p, you get a split view of all the action. Perfect for analysis of form. Other features include stats such as shot placement by zone. The percentages are calculated for both players.

In/Out 3.0 tennis line call device is more accurate than ever

In/Out 3.0 – what’s new?

Now the startup has announced In/Out 3.0, which is actually the fourth generation of the product. It comes with a few useful updates.

More accuracy

The company says the latest version of In/out is 200% more accurate than before. This should help make those arguments about line calls a thing of the past. Plus, as before, you get a snapshot of the ball bounce from the line perspective to review any calls. A forthcoming firmware upgrade will enable it to even detect serve foot faults.

An additional camera

In addition to the two cameras each recording one side of the court, In/Out 3.0 has a third one.

In/Out 3.0 tennis line call device is more accurate than ever

It comes with a wide angle camera for recording videos like you see in official matches. Check out the sample below.

More sports tracked

The company has also added pickleball as an activity that you can track in addition to tennis. The Chinese market has the addition of badminton support.

The hardware itself was a bit flimsy on the first generation product. This was greatly improved with the second version. The third on continues these improvements and there are optional hardware add-ons for different conditions and added protection. New and more reliable batteries are also in stock.

In/Out 3.0 – How to order, price

You can order to new In/Out for $275. That is the price for a single Net device and which will work fine for practice matches, video recording and stats analysis.

For official matches the outfit recommends you buy two units – one for each end of the net. Added accuracy can be achieved by opting for individual Line devices.

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3 thoughts on “In/Out 3.0 tennis line call device is more accurate than ever

  • The major two enhancements of In/Out since the version 1 in 2017 are the reliability of the system and the accuracy. The new Line Devices introduced in the version 2 and improved in version 3 can be placed on each line (especially the base lines) and they give the millimeters accuracy like you see on TV. [Comment written by In/Out].

  • Hi, I am in the sport of Sepaktakraw in Singapore and am interested in your In/Out tennis line call device to be applied to our sport.

    Do you have any agents in Singapore that i can talk to to purchase the device?


    • I think they ship worldwide from the US.


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