Reevo: the complete electric bike solution for the urban cyclist

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If you’re ready for a bike upgrade it doesn’t get much better than the Reevo. It comes with everything you’d want from an electric bike including automatic lights, comprehensive safety features and built-in GPS.

The pandemic has intensified sales of bikes as people are looking for alternative ways to travel. Let’s face it – noone wants to be stuck on a crowded subway right now if they can avoid it. It is also an eco-friendly solution that helps with air quality improvements.

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The stats speak for themselves. Sales of bicycles in the US grew by 65% last year. And while this is impressive, it is much less impressive than the 145% increase of electric bike sales during the same period. This growth is only expected to intensify in the coming years, particularly in cities.

It is clear the popularity of bikes with an electric motor is on the rise. They make even long commutes a relaxing and sweat-free experience and are equipped to power over all types of terrains and inclines.

The Reevo electric bike

You could say that Reevo is the Rolls Royce of electric bikes. It pushes the limits of engineering, taking advantage of the latest advances in technology.

It’s no wonder that Reevo has raised more than 200% of its rather modest $50,000 funding goal in less than 15 minutes following the Indiegogo campaign launch. Right now the total raised stands at over $5 million.

So what is it that makes it so popular?


Starting with looks, the sleek looking Reevo is totally hubless. This makes it very unique, unlike anything else out there.

The wheels and tires are centerless. There are no spokes, no transparent centre. Nevertheless, the company says the bike is extremely safe and can carry weight up to 265lbs or 120kg. Not to waste any space, there are even storage hooks attached to the wheel itself!

The thick aluminium alloy body with a sleek stealth black finish makes it look a bit more bulky than the typical bike. But this has the advantage of being built around a strong but lightweight core. The whole thing does look very futuristic!

Reevo comes with a few features to enhance your safety on the road. It packs a bright headlamp, built-in turn signals and tail light (800 lumens). There’s also an ambient light sensor, which can detect outside conditions and turn the lights on and off automatically.


Security is a strong point of the Reevo. The thing comes with a triple level anti-theft system which is designed to ensure the bike remains yours.

  • One touch fingerprint sensor: this allows for keyless access. No need to attach chains or locks, you can secure your bike at the press of a button. The biometric authentication looks to be is very cool. It unlocks the bike in one second.
  • Built-in wheel lock: this is a security system that is built into the bike’s frames preventing the wheels from turning. So no access for bolt cutters.
  • Built-in GPS with motion detection and geofencing: The electric bike has a microchip with a GPS module inside its frame. This automatically monitors for movements and will send you alerts when triggered. It is extremely difficult to remove without cutting the frame, so you’ll always be able to locate the bike on a map inside the Reevo smartphone app at any time.

Performance and battery

Of course, Reevo comes with everything else you’d expect from an electric bike. There’s a 750W motor inside that can go up to 25mph. This comes with Class 2 throttle and pedal assist which provides tailored assistance depending on the road gradient. An alternative is to use the handlebar throttle for manual control.

The 48V, 10.5Ah battery is detachable so you can carry it with you for easy charging. The internal security system has a hidden second battery with a standby time of 10 hours – ensuring the safety of your bike while the main battery is charging.

When the battery is empty it takes about 3 hours to fully refuel. This will keep you going for about 37 miles, which compares well to most of the competition. There’s even a little USB port so you can charge your smartphone on the go.

Reevo: the complete electric bike solution for the urban cyclist

Release date, price and availability

According to project updates, delivery is on schedule for the end of this year. There’s still time to get in and join more than 2,300 backers.

At $2398, it isn’t exactly cheap, but it is one of the most feature-packed bikes around. Also, you can get it now at 34% off the final retail price. The bike comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of shipping.

Reevo looks to be a great solution for the urban cyclist and will allow you to socially distance while being active. You can check it out on the link below.

Price:$2398 and up

Funding open:
$5,357,242 pledged of $50,000 goal

Estimated delivery: December 2021

View on:

Pavlok 2: break bad habits and reduce cravings with electricity

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