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VTech Kidizoom DX3 brings a new sleek, durable design & more

VTech have announced the third generation of their popular smartwatch for kids. The Kidizoom DX3 comes with various improvements over its predecessor including a new sleek, durable design.

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The Kidizoom DX2 is one of the most popular devices for kids on Amazon right now. It lets young ones take pictures, videos, play games, tell time and more. The DX3 is launching sometimes this fall and the promise is it will be better than ever.

The smartwatch is meant for kids ages 4 and up. It doesn’t bring anything revolutionary the table, and is an iterative upgrade on the current version.

VTech did not release the specs sheet but you can see the DX3 pictured next to DX2 on the image below. This shows a number of design tweaks including a more rounded look and two physical buttons on the left instead of one. One of the cameras has also been moved so that it is more centred on the watch.

VTech Kidizoom DX3 brings new sleek, durable design and more
Kidizoom DX3 vs Kidizoom DX2

The DX 3 is not a one-trick pony. It comes with a bit of everything. For example, there’s a pedometer and motion-tracking activities, along with eight games which can be played via the touch screen. S0me of these are two-player games. Kids can stay in touch with their friends by sending preset messages – this can be done by scanning a code on their friend’s DX3.

There is a voice recorder that lets kids add cool effects to their voice and lots of apps preloaded on the watch. Rather usefully, some 60+ customisable daily activity reminders can be set directly on the device. This can be a reminder to go to bed, go home, eat lunch, etc.

As before, the watch has two cameras that can be used for taking selfies, photos and videos. Pics can be customised into watch faces by using the accompanying smartphone app. Something that wasn’t included before is a LED that can be used as a flash and flashlight.

The watch was announced by VTech along with a digital camera called KidiZoom PrintCam, and a smartphone – KidiBuzz 3. All of these will launch in a couple of months time.

No word on pricing just yet. Unlike some kids watches out there the current version of Kidizoom is budget friendly. There is a low one-off cost, but no on-going monthly subscription fees. Let’s home VTech sticks to that formula with the DX3.

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2 thoughts on “VTech Kidizoom DX3 brings a new sleek, durable design & more

  • I bought 3 of these DX3 for my grandchildren for Christmas. I just updated the the watches from the Learning Lodge app. The app doesn’t allow you to transfer the different items they show and the app doesn’t always let you open it because of to much congestion it’s says. I wanted to individually set up different app and games, clock faces ECT for the kids but it doesn’t allow me to transfer anything. Very frustrating. Otherwise the watches are fine but over priced considering you can’t use them to there full capacity.

  • I have DX2 but I’m wondering what DX3 is like.


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