Zepp app gets a visual overhaul with data cards & health page

Zepp Health has released an update to its smartphone app introducing a brand-new visual stale with data cards and a new health page.

This is not the first time in recent months there’s been a significant change with the app. To remind, late last year there was a rebranding exercise and the app was renamed from Amazfit to Zepp.

In our Q&A with Zepp Health COO, Mike Yeung on Huami earlier this year, he revealed that the reasoning behind this decision is that Zepp is a name that is better known in the US and Europe. This is also why, for international purposes, the company was renamed from Huami to Zepp Health.

Zepp app gets data cards & health page

Now the software is benefitting from a visual overhaul. It is available to download via the App Store and Google Play Store from today in the UK and some other countries. The US received the new version three days ago. This brings a nice new interface and simpler structure.

While we have good things to say about the software running on Amazfit and Zepp watches, the smartphone app leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a bit clunky. The new update goes a long way to rectifying some of the issues.

Zepp app gets a visual overhaul with data cards & health page

The main change is to the dashboard. This now comes in a card style allowing for a much cleaner look. In a way it reminds a lot of the Fitbit app dashboard.

Zepp app gets a visual overhaul with data cards & health page
First two images are Home screen, third is the Health page

Tapping on any card takes you through to a more detailed view. That one appears pretty much unchanged from the previous version.

You are also able to rearrange the order of cards, and remove the ones you don’t need or rarely use. Allowing customisation options of the dashboard was something that was sorely missing from the previous version.

Zepp app gets a visual overhaul with data cards & health page
First two images are customisation options for Home screen, third is for the Health page

Interestingly, one of the cards that can be added to the Home Page is for glucose monitoring. A sign of functionality to come? We certainly hope so. Probably not this year, though.

Along the bottom are tabs that include Home, Health and Profile. Nice clean and simple. The Home page is the above mentioned dashboard.

The Health page is also card based. The options that can be included there are Walking, Running, Cycling, Target setting and Friends. That one should, perhaps, been named Exercise instead of Health. Rather than stats, it is more about manually starting workouts and target setting. It is a bit misleading.

One of many changes to come

This is only one of many big changes to come from Zepp Health. The company is obviously ramping up its game. Competition is heating up and you must do everything you can to stay competitive. Zepp Health has gained wearable market share in recent years and it wants to continue in this fashion.

A few days ago we heard of plans of a new Zepp OS and smartwatch chip. At its “The Future of Health” event the outfit said the new operating system will be one tenth the size of Amazfit OS and 65% more power efficient.

It will work even more smoothly and be opened up to third party developers to create their own apps. It is not clear yet whether the software will be coming only to new watches, or if owners of existing devices will receive some love as well.

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The Huangshan 2S chip sounds exciting, too. It offers 56% less power consumption than the current version (Huangshan 2), it has 93% less dormant power consumption and 67% better graphic performance.

Amazfit and Zepp watches will also get the ability to capture blood pressure readings – first on demand, later on automatically. All of this is due to land by the end of this year. As this works via the optical heart rate sensor, the hope is owners of current watches will get it as well.

The updated iOS app should be available through the App Store. We’re not sure if it has hit all countries yet as it seems to be a gradual rollout – the US and UK have definitely received. This is the direct download link if you want to check. The update should also be available for Android devices (direct download link).

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