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Garmin makes it easier to interact with others in the Connect app

Garmin has introduced slight changes to the Connect app which make it easier than ever to like and comment on activities of others.

Updates to the Garmin Connect app are few and far between. And when they do land, they are mostly to do with bug fixes so you rarely see any noticeable change. This latest app refresh does introduce some visible, albeit minute, changes. They are mostly to the newsfeed.

Garmin makes it easier to interact with others in the Connect app

Garmin Connect Newsfeed

Previously the Garmin Connect newsfeed consisted of an Activities and Steps tab. This allowed you to view your and your friends step counts and activities. Garmin has now done away with the Steps tab. So you are just left with the activity feed.

As before, this can be customised. Tap on the Filter icon in the top right hand corner and this will allow you to filter by Activity Type and by People. The Activity Type consists of running, cycling, gym & fitness equipment, swimming, walking, hiking, diving, winter sports and “other. The People filter consists of “All”, “My Connections” and “Only me”.

Garmin makes it easier to interact with others in the Connect app

You can also edit the privacy for each of your activities by tapping the three dots below the Filter icon. This is done on an individual basis. Not everyone needs to see if your recent run was not up to scratch! You can choose between “Only Me”, “My Connections”, “My Groups and Connections” and “Everyone”.

A visual change with this latest update comes in the form of Like and comment button icons below each activity. This allows you to directly interact with others right from the Connect app. As mentioned, the functionality was there before – its a visual change that comes in the form of icons.

Garmin makes it easier to interact with others in the Connect app

This works similar to a Facebook feed. Tapping on the heart button adds your Like to a running tally of Likes for an individual activity. Tap on comment if you have something to say. Others can then Like your comment or respond to it. It’s as easy as that!

Garmin Connect Newsfeed: How to add new friends

The Garmin Connections page has also received a slight redesign. This section can be found by clicking on the More tab along the bottom and then choosing “Connections”.

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Adding new friends to your Garmin account is as simple as ever.

  1. From the Connections page you can link up with others via Facebook, Google or contacts saved to your contacts phone section.
  2. For your Facebook account or Google mail you will be asked to enter your password (by logging into the account).
  3. Then approve the Garmin Connect connection. This is a one time thing. From that point on Garmin Connect has the necessary permissions to interact with your other account.
  4. You will see a list of all your friends with a Garmin Connect account.
  5. Tap on a person and choose Connect. This will send a request to this person’s account.
  6. They will then be able to accept that request or deny it.

Garmin makes it easier to interact with others in the Connect app

That’s all there is to it. Once your friend accepts your request to connect, their activity will appear in your activity feed and your activities will appear in their feed. You can then start supporting each other and competing.

Research has shown that gamification and social connections help increase activity. For example, a recent study has demonstrated that families participating in games increased daily step counts by nearly one mile per day and achieved daily fitness goals 27% more than families who did not. This is why so many wearable brands make the effort to introduce functionality that allows you to connect with others.

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