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Huawei Watch GT3 comes with design & sensor improvements

Huawei has unveiled at its launch event today its latest smartwatch. Watch GT 3 comes alongside the Nova 9 smartphone and wireless earbuds dubbed FreeBuds Lipstick. The timepiece features with some design and sensor improvements, more sports modes and additional performance metrics.

This launch comes just over two years since the release of Watch GT2. But we did have a couple of interim versions in the meantime, including GT2 e and GT2 Pro. The first brought a sportier look and a blood oxygen monitoring feature. The second a sturdier build and some other improvements.

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This is Huawei’s flagship smartwatch range. There’s a nice sized display onboard, with 3D-Glass Super AMOLED display, 5 ATM enhanced water resistance, 32MB RAM and 4GB Flash Memory. Users are able to make calls from the device itself when tethered to a smartphone and store music for offline listening.

The list of sensors consists of an accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic, ambient light, optical heart rate, air pressure, SpO2 and satellite connectivity. This ensures all the basic fitness stats are there including the ability to track a wide range of sports activities. As far as health tracking, there’s breathing quality during sleep, atrial fibrillation alerts and stress info reporting.

Now we have a new and improved version of the same.

Huawei Watch GT3 – what has changed?

Watch GT3 is available in two same two sizes. The 46mm comes with a 1.43 inch AMOLED display (466 x 466 resolution), which weighs 42.6 grams and is 11mm thick. Then there’s the 42mm model. It features a 1.32 inch AMOLED (466 x 466 resolution), and comes in at 35 grams and 10.2mm in thickness. So while there has been a small increase in weight, the watch packs slightly larger and more high-res displays.

The circular shape and overall look of the predecessor generation is still there. But the two classic physical buttons have been replaced by a power button + function button. The upper button supports the rotatable crown. This should ensure moving through the menus is a more seamless experience.

Huawei Watch GT3
Image source: Huawei

Huawei says it has added more sports modes. They now number over 100, with 19 professional workouts, 12 outdoor activities and 7 indoor ones. The list of sensors is the same although these have been replaced with latest generation models. For example, Huawei says its new TruSeen optical heart rate sensor is 96% accurate when compared to the Polar H10 chest strap. Blood oxygen tracking is now around the clock, so not only on-demand.

Sattelite connectivity should also be better. The watch has the same dual-band five system GNSS technology featured on Huawei Watch 3 Pro. This has the ability to tap into GPS, Galileo, Beidou, GLONASS and QZSS. Runners will be happy to know GT3 offers more detailed performance metrics which include Vo2Max, a running ability index, recovery insights, aerobic & anaerobic training effects and more.

Other enhancements include an updated HarmonyOS user interface. For example, there is something called the Healthy Living Clover. Similar to Apple Watch Rings, it lets you know how you are progressing with your daily activity goals.

Onboard storage is still pinned at 4GB which is enough to store up to 500 songs. The watch does not have an eSim for unteathered calls but you can take calls from a connected phone.

Battery life is largely unchanged at around two weeks for the large model and a week for the smaller one. Watch GT3 can be charged very quickly – a simple 10 minute top-up will bump the battery up by 20%.

Huawei Watch GT3
Image source: Huawei

Official sales of the watch are expected to begin on November 10th. The 42mm model will set you back €329 in a choice between Active, Classic and Elite. The 46mm GT 3 model starts at €349 in Active and Elite. You can already make pre-orders in some countries.

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2 thoughts on “Huawei Watch GT3 comes with design & sensor improvements

  • You still cannot shower with it. Forget it.

  • Ok I sorted it out for the GT3 pro since people need to understand what RAM, RAM and flash memory is (much confusing on the internet especially regarding the GT3 pro).

    RAM : 32 Mb (volatile meaning content disappears when you switch off the device, extremely fast, very expensive memory type that is why it is limited in capacity, RAM is used for fast communications between the memory and the CPU, the more RAM the faster the watch operates since it can do more things at the same time)

    ROM : 4 Gb ( slower than RAM but faster than flash memory, “read only” but can however be changed during a firmware update, stores instuctions that are not nescesary for re-booting up to make the device operate when it is switched off)

    Flash memory : 32 Gb (non-volatile, for storage data, music, video)

    So the GT3 pro has twice the flash memory compared to the 3 pro, twice the ROM of the 3 pro, RAM of 3 pro I don’t know maybe also 32 Mb ?


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