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Nurvv Run gets an app for tight Garmin watch integration

Nurvv has released a ConnectIQ (CIQ) app which allows Garmin watch users to control and view stats from NURVV Run directly from their wrist.

For those not in the know, Nurvv Run are one of the smartest insoles around. Slip them into any running sneakers and you’ll get detailed info on not just how fast you run, but also how well you run.

I spent a few weeks last year training with NURVV Run and found their insights to be quite useful. If you are prone to injuries or simply want to assess whether your running technique could do with improvements – I do suggest you try them out. The caveat is the price – at $299 they are quite expensive (check price on Amazon).

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As a Garmin Forerunner 935 owner, the one thing on my wishlist was tight integration of Nurvv Run with Garmin watches. It simply was not there previously.

The company is putting things right now with its new ConnectIQ (CIQ) app. This allows Garmin watch users to control NURVV Run from the wrist and display NURVV metrics on their watch during run. The list of compatible devices is quite long, so whatever Garmin watch you own it will probably be compatible.

Nurvv Run Garmin
Image source: Nurvv

The newly added functionality is quite useful. I did not like the fact that when using Nurvv Run I had to start the insoles via their power button and then start my run separately on the Garmin watch. It was too much hassle.

Well, you can now do both at the same time from your wrist, along with pausing and ending your run. What’s more, the NURVV metrics (Distance, Pace, Time, Cadence, Calories – with more coming soon) and status cues will come directly to your watch display for easy access.

This update follows from quite an important one in August. That one added the ability to utilize the 32 sensors biomechanical sensors in the insoles to accurately measure running power – a metric which has gained in popularity in recent years.

Expressed in Watts, running power consists of a single number which estimates exactly how much energy you are using at any point during your workout. The benefit is that by keeping tabs on one metric instead of multiple ones, you are able to pace yourself appropriately, without worrying about the terrain change, form or fatigue. It is a great alternative to using heart rate zones.

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