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Reference to Apple Watch Pro model found in old retail demo unit

An Apple WATCH PRO reference and logo was found in old demo content files. This suggests that at some point the Cupertino outfit considered releasing a high-end model of its smartwatch.

The info was discovered and shared by Apple Demo on Twitter. Apparently, the person found the information of the unreleased model in a 2015 Apple Watch Demo information pack. That type of package has not been used since the original Apple Watch line (Series 0).

He writes, could this be “an unreleased model”, or “just some placeholder text”?

The “WATCH” part of the logo is in Apple’s own font, whereas the “PRO” add-on is in Myriad Pro. At first glance that might be strange – but perhaps not. Apple used the same combination of fonts for their Watch Edition logo.

Apple Watch Pro

Could this have been a more high-spec version of the watch that was in the works six year ago? We highly doubt that there would have been much difference as far as sensors. More likely, this was a model with a more premium build. Perhaps at one stage Apple considered releasing a higher-end stainless steel model or the titanium model as the pro version. It is possible.

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Nothing has happened since 2015 as far as a Pro iteration of the Apple Watch. So it is probably safe to say the idea was scrapped. But Apple has used the Pro moniker before. Examples of this are the iPhone and iPad Pro.

Do we really need a Pro version of the Apple Watch? We don’t think so. It makes sense on some gear that is genuinely meant for the pro market crowd, but not on every single product. It would be overkill. Perhaps this is why Apple ditched the concept. At least for now.

Could we see a Pro model in the future?

Could we see an Apple Watch Pro in the future? Never say never. But one would hope that the distinction between the Pro and non-Pro models will not come down to just build and colour choices. A Pro model with real-time, non-invasive glucose tracking? And perhaps blood pressure monitoring? Now we’re talking!

Actually, there are rumours that Apple is working on glucose sensors for inclusion on next year’s Apple Watch Series 8. According to DigiTimes, the Cupertino-based outfit is currently developing components for the tech – such as short-wavelength infrared sensors. This should, in theory, allow the watch to measure sugar levels in a user’s blood.

This year has been very challenging for wearable manufacturers. The global chip shortage, coronavirus pandemic, energy shortages in some countries have all interfered with the normal flow of things. Hopefully the situation will improve in the months ahead.

2022 could be a landmark year as far as sensor development. We are expecting blood pressure from the wrist to hit the mainstream. Valencell and other companies are developing the tech. A few approaches are also in the works on measuring glucose from the wrist, hydration and more. Exciting times ahead.

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