Galaxy Watch 5 concept | Image source:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 tipped for Q3-Q4 2022 launch

The release date of Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to fall in Q3-Q4 2022. This is according to leaked business plans of Samsung’s wireless business division.

Samsung Galaxy watch release date

The information comes courtesy of Korean website TheElec (via GMS Arena). This reveals Samsung’s product lineup for 2022, including the scheduled release date and number of units of each product. Check it out in the following table.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date
source: @FrontTron

As can be seen from the above, Galaxy Watch 5 is tipped for a Q3-Q4 2022 unveiling. That is basically anywhere between July and the end of the year. Some 4.8 million product units will be produced in this period out of an ultimate total of 19 million. Buds Pro 2 and Buds Live 2 are also expected next year.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 was released at the end of August 2021. This could mean that the company is adopting Apple’s strategy of releasing a major smartwatch update every 12 months. It would make sense, particularly as we are expecting big changes in the coming years on the sensor front.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date
Galaxy Watch 5 concept | Image source: 

A solar watch strap?

Apart from the schedule no details are available on Galaxy Watch 5. However, there was news recently of the possibility of a solar watch band.

According to a newly unveiled patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Samsung is looking at the possibility of stuffing collar batteries inside the watch strap. The original paperwork was filed back in July 2019 under the name “Electronic device comprising solar cells of multiple types). Samsung looks to be serious about this patent as it has added documentation to the file at the start of this year.

The patent shown the company is looking to fit two solar batteries in the watch strap. These will perform the process of photoelectric conversation. The strap is designed to use a polymer with quantum dots to change the light path.

This type of solar watch strap would present an alternative way to charge the watch. Hopefully it will be more efficient than Garmin’s solution. The solar screen that can be found on some Garmin watches is not really something you can rely on to significantly charge the battery.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date
Galaxy Watch 5 concept | Image source: 

Of course, there’s still nearly a year to go so it is early days to be guessing at the upcoming specs of Galaxy Watch 5. Just because a patent was filed does not mean it will see the light of day. No doubt, more information will leak in the coming months.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date
Galaxy Watch 5 concept | Image source: 

To whet your appetite, we are leaving you with a stunning Galaxy Watch 5 concept . The images in this article come from (via SamMobile). The rotating bezel is gone and the two physical buttons are revamped. One of them doubles up as a slider, hence replacing the rotating bezel. The overall shape of the device is toroidal with the edges hollowed out.

But don’t confuse these images with a leak. This is just one person’s imagination on what an upcoming device could look like.

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