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Fossil links up with RAZER on a limited-edition Gen 6 gamers watch

Fossil has linked up with RAZER on a limited-edition Gen 6 smartwatch “for the next generation of gamers”. The company has also announced at CES 2022 the launch of the new Skagen Falster.

The American designer and manufacturer of accessories has a slew of smartwatches under its belt. However, over the past year it only released a handful of Gen 6 watches. The reasons for the rather slow 12 months are no different to difficulties that are hitting other smartwatch brands – namely the pandemic, energy shortages in certain Asian countries and chip shortages. It has not been an easy year for smartwatch makers.

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Fossil is making an appearance at CES 2022 and we were expecting a few new product announcements. One of these is news about a watch the company has conjured up with RAZER. For those not in the know, RAZER is considered to be the leading brand for gaming hardware in the US, Europe and China. Established in 2005, it now has 18 offices worldwide. The other news is of a Gen 6 edition of the Skagen Falster.

A Fossil x RAZER smartwatch for gaming and fitness

A Fossil x RAZER smartwatch for gaming and fitness is likely to generate much interest. RAZER has a slew of products for gamers such as laptops, tablets and PC peripherals. It even has a smart watch and smart bracelet, but these have not gone down well. Perhaps this is why the company has opted to join forces with a well established player in this market space.

Fossil x RAZER smartwatch
Image source: Fossil

As far as specs, the Fossil x RAZER is a Gen 6 WearOS watch. Which means it has the fast 4100+ Qualcomm processor, support for Bluetooth 5.0, more accurate heart rate tracking than Fossil Gen 5 watches, SpO2 sensor and fast charging.

Fossil x RAZER smartwatch
Image source: Fossil

The timepiece is pretty much a branding exercise and design revamp of the existing product range. There is no mention of software enhancements on the device to support gaming. But you do get some unique design elements including three exclusive Razer watch features like analog, Team Razer and Chroma, three watch faces and interchangeable straps which include Razer’s iconic black and green.

The limited-edition watch will be available for purchase from January 10th for $329. Only 1,337 units will be made available for so make sure you get in early. There’s a holding page on Fossil’s website where you can register interest.

Skagen Falster Gen 6 smartwatch

We also received news today of the Gen 6 Skagen Falster. The Danish brand’s flagship smartwatch gets a tech overhaul which includes the above mentioned Gen 6 specs (accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, altimeter, PPG heart rate, SpO2, off-body IR and ambient light).

The upgraded health and wellness sensors should make fitness tracking a more pleasurable experience. Skagen Falster also comes with quicker battery charging and smart battery modes.

Skagen Falster Gen 6
Image source: Skagen

The 3 ATM-rated device has retained its design so the upgrades are mostly to do with the internals. Out of the box the watch comes with WearOS 2.0, but it will be eligible for the 3.0 upgrade when the new version launches later this year. The 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM should hopefully keep the operating system running smoothly.

Falster Gen 6 is available for purchase from today for $295. It comes in five distinct styles in a 41mm case holding a 1.28 inch color touchscreen display. You can choose from silver-tone, charcoal and black case options, coupled with the brand’s stainless steel mesh, silicone and leather straps. All of these have a rotating home button and two configurable push buttons.

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