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Sengled’s new light bulb monitors your sleep, temperature & heart rate

Sengled has announced at CES 2022 in Las Vegas a smart lightbulb that has the ability to track your sleep along with a few other health metrics. It can even detect if you fall. Yes, you read that correctly!

Do you really want your lightbulb checking up on what you are doing in your home? Perhaps not. But things like that might become commonplace in the future.

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Sengled’s smart light bulb is a one of a kind at the moment. It goes far beyond other such products in the company’s range that have color, motion sensors, speakers, cameras and other innovative features. None of these bulbs require a hub and they all work with Alexa via Bluetooth. The Wi-fi enabled bulbs also work with Google and Samsung SmartThings platform.

Sengled Health Monitoring Light

The unique selling point of Sengled’s latest light bulb is health tracking ability. Screw the thing in and it will be able to monitor your sleep habits, along with select biometric measurements such as heart rate, body temperature and other vital signs.

The device uses radar sensors which can read through materials. Products with this type of technology have become more popular in recent years.

We’ve recently reviewed a sleep gadget which is along these lines, but this one sits on the side of your bed. SleepScore Max utilizes an echo location system to detect your sleep levels without touching you or the sleeping surface. Bats also use this and perhaps that is where the idea came from. They emit sonar and then detect the sound waves that return after bouncing off surrounding objects.

Sengled’s product comes with a Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar. The information gathered is analysed by AI to track your vitals stats.

If something is amiss and there are abnormal changes in your baseline of measurements, the light’s colors will change to alert you. The bulb can even determine if someone has tripped although we are yet to learn what the it does if it detects a fall. Simply flashing a different colored light might be pointless in that instance!

Buy a few Smart Health Monitoring Light bulbs for different rooms in your home and they’ll be able communicate with each other to create a mesh network. By creating a virtual map of the space the bulbs can track your health metrics from different areas of your home. Which means you’ll get credit for your sleep stats whether you are in the bedroom or crash on the living room sofa for a quick nap.

It doesn’t get any more non-invasive than that! On the positive side this sounds like a great option for those not wanting to wear a smartwatch or fitness tracker to bed. On the negative side the product has the creep factor written all over it! Mind you, the bulb does not have a camera – but it can sense you and your movements.

If this piques your interest, the Sengled Health Monitoring Light will be out in the latter part of 2022. No info on price has been disclosed yet.

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