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Fitbit “Year in Review” shows countries which stepped it up in 2021

The global pandemic means we have changed our habits quite a bit. This includes exercise. Fitbit’s annual “Year in Review” highlights countries which managed to take it up a notch in 2021, despite all the challenges.

The stats are compiled from Fitbit’s global database of activity which syncs to individual users fitness stats. All the information, of course, is aggregated and anonymized to protect the privacy of individual users.

In total, Fitbit community users took a total of 46 trillion steps during 2021 which equates to some 22 million miles. May 14th was the most active day globally last year.

Fitbit Year in Review
Image source: Fitbit

Countries which clocked the most steps included Hong Kong in first place, Ireland in second and Switzerland in third. These were followed by Spain and Sweden.

Sleep is important. It is recommended that you get at least 7 hours of nightly rest. At 6.5 hours, the global average fell just short of that in 2021. The average bed time was 11:18 in the evening, the average wake time 7:03 in the morning. The average sleep score was 77.

Fitbit Year in Review
Image source: Fitbit

Interestingly, only one of the top five countries in terms of step counts featured high in the sleep rankings. In first place was Finland, followed by Ireland (also 2nd for step count), Belgium, Netherlands and New Zealand.

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Other information from the review looks at resting heart rates. An important indicator of our health and fitness, you typically want to aim for a low value. The champions on this count were Italians, followed by those living in Finland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

“Your year in review”

Now, these stats should not be confused with the “Your year in review” email that Fitbit has sent out in early January ever since 2017. The only criteria is that you have been active for more than 15 days in the 12 months prior and have accumulated at least 10,000 steps.

You should be getting that email shortly in your inbox. Last year the company started sending it out on January 8th although some users did not receive it until weeks after.

When it arrives, it will consist of an infographic and some general user stats. The email will show your most active day during 2021 along with the step count on that day. You’ll also get a total step count for the 12 month period and the distance travelled.

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