Review: FeelZing, the energy patch that will zing you into focus

FeelZing is an energy patch that is designed to boost your concentration and give you energy. You can use the neurostimulation device for working, studying, sports or anything else really where a focused effort is required.

It comes from Thync Global. Established by a team of neuroscientists, engineers and entrepreneurs – the company has been around for over 10 years now. They are behind a couple of neurostimulation products including Thync Edition 1 and Relax Pro. The first saw the light of day back in 2015, the second two years later. Both were designed with the goal of helping users reach a calm and peaceful state.

The original Star Trek-esque device looked similar to an eye patch, but for your forehead. It worked by linking up with an accompanying app and delivering waveforms to your brain. The second generation device worked from the back of your neck, using disposable electrode pads. Thync Relax Pro utilized low-level electrical stimulation patterns to deliver stress relief through gentle nerve stimulation. Both neurostimulation products were met with success and boasted over 10,000 users.

Now the California-based outfit has moved on to a different product and this one is just as unique. Some five years in the making it is dubbed FeelZing Energy Patch. Put simply, this is a laboratory-grade neurostimulation device that comes in the form of a disposable patch the size of a silver dollar.

FeelZing Energy Patch review: How to use

The beauty of this product is that there is no charging involved, no smartphone app, Bluetooth or WiFi connection needed. It works entirely on its own. Each patch can be used twice and you can choose between the original and extra strength.

A 4 pack (which is good 8 uses) will set you back $84, a 12 pack (24 uses) $126 on FeelZing’s website. You can use coupon code gadgetsandwearables to get 15% off the price. There are also subscription options which will give you a further discount.

Think of it as a caffeine-free way to boost your focus and energy. The 52mm patch consists of a non-allergic cotton cover which sits on top of a smart circuit and a hydrogel and flex base.

I tried both the regular and extra strength patch. The extra strength variant is quite strong, although Thync says the effects vary from person to person.

FeelZing review

Using FeelZing is quite easy. Take the patch out of its box and pull the tab to activate the mechanism inside. Make sure the area behind your ear is clean. Now you can peel the release film and stick the patch right behind the ear and between the hairline. This area is called the mastoid.

Make sure there is no hair in the way and press the patch slightly to ensure it is firmly in place. The adhesive will keep it on and it leaves absolutely no residue when removed. The whole process of putting the patch on takes less than a minute.

FeelZing review

What will follow is a stimulation period – you’ll feel a slight tingling with an occasional zing behind the ear. I can only equate it to a tiny electrical charge – as if someone was pinching the area behind your ear every few seconds.

You are meant to wear the patch for about 7 minutes before removing it. The electrical pulses will stop after that period so there is no point keeping it on any longer.

FeelZing review

I would not classify the experience as pleasant, but I would also not classify it as unpleasant. Having said that, the zings of the extra strength patch might be experienced by some as slightly unpleasant while it is on. They can be strong as the waveform is intensified as compared to the normal strength product. For that reason I suggest users start off with the regular-strength patch, and then upgrade if they feel it is necessary.

Once the 7 minutes are up, remove the patch and put it back on the release film and leave it in a safe place. That’s because you can use it again.

There is a second outdoor gel layer. To apply the patch a second time peel the film and attach as you did the first time. You can use it the next day, but anything after that and the effect will not be as strong. Thync says it is safe to use FeelZing again within 6 hours but, to be on the safe side, they recommend no more that two uses per day.

FeelZing Energy Patch review: Does it work?

The important question is – how weel does FeelZing Energy Patch work? I test out lots of products in the line of my work and some of them have exaggerated claims. Going into this review I must admit I did not expect FeelZing to have much of an effect. But it did.

After the 7 minute stimulation period, I would typically feel a bit tired for a few minutes. Strangely enough, that would be accompanied by my mind racing.

What followed was a calm four hour period where I would find myself full of energy with my mind sharp. You just feel great for no apparent reason.

In those few hours I found myself very productive, jumping from one task to another. I also found that it gives your mood a boost.

FeelZing review

Here are two examples.

At 7am in the morning I went for a two hour tennis match. Back in the office I applied the patch and found myself feeling like I just woke up – ready to tackle any task that came my way.

In another instance, I had an early morning flight which meant I could not sleep all night. So I applied the patch at 1am and found myself staying awake with ease. Unexpectedly, I even found myself putting in an hour of work on the iPad while waiting at the airport.

One other thing that I’ve noticed is that there is no unpleasant crash that you would typically get with caffeine or an energy drink once the effect wears off. And my sleep was in no way effected.

FeelZing Energy Patch review: The science behind it

The patch has an anode and cathode electrode that work by delivering “patterned, high frequency, high amplitude electrical stimulation” to the nerves of the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is the part of the body that regulates important functions such as heart beat, digestion and respiration.

It does this by way of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The first is associated with the “fight or flight” mechanism and creates lots of alertness and focus. It increases blood flow, heart rate and releases adrenalin. Our distant relatives needed this to survive. If you find yourself chased by a tiger, you would have to fight the animal or get the heck out of there quickly.

The parasympathetic nervous system, on the other hand, creates a calm, lethargic energy by slowing the heart rate. This is the state which rests and recharges the body for future activity.

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The patch works behind the ear in an area that contains important nerve connections to both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. By stimulating these nerves through skin and muscle tissue with a specific waveform of electricity, the patch helps the autonomic nervous system achieve an optimal balance for energy and focus.

Too much sympathetic nerve activity and you will feel stressed and agitated. Too much parasympathetic activation and you will feel unmotivated and apathetic. Balancing the two is key – alert but calm is the sweet spot where you are most productive.

Thync says FeelZing is safe and that there are more than 30,000 peer-reviewed studies that attest to the safety of electric stimulation on the peripheral nervous system. In pre-launch testing 90% of users reported a positive effect on their energy and focus when using the patch.

FeelZing Energy Patch review: The bottom line

FeelZing Energy Patch is a unique device. You are unlikely to find anything like it. Stick it behind your ear for 7 minutes and feel the effects that last for hours.

I was a bit sceptical going into this review but to my surprise found the patch made a significant difference. It helped me focus and gave me lots of energy without any negative side effects. No chemicals, calories or urgent trips to the bathroom! If you are feeling tired and ready to nap, this will boost you into wakeness.

FeelZing Energy Patch

FeelZing Energy Patch
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FeelZing Energy Patch review

The feeling is different but highly effective – you have a mental clarity and alertness. As if you had woken up from a good night’s sleep but without the morning fog.

FeelZing Energy Patch presents itself as a viable solution if you want to ditch the crash and jitters of caffeine or wean yourself off unhealthy sugary drinks. The energy you’ll feel is more stable and it will last longer. I would suggest the product for study or work – if you simply want to get in the zone and get things done.

Check it out on FeelZing’s website (use code gadgetsandwearables for 15% discount). My suggestion would be to go for the regular strength, and gauging its effect before opting for the extra strength patch.

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