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Thync Relax Pro helps you reach a calm, peaceful state and improves sleep

Thync has announced a new stress busting wearable, the Thync Relax Pro. Building on their 2015 neurostimulation device, the second generation wearable attaches to the back of your neck for the purposes of helping you chill and sleep well.

Thync asserts that it has created the first technology that gives you the power to change the way you feel. The original Star Trek esque device, which looks similar to an an eye patch only for your forehead, connects up with an accompanying app that delivers waveforms to your brain. This activates specific nerves on the head that signal the brain to shift to a state of calm or give you a boost of energy depending on which of the two you are after at any given moment.

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Vibes were created from years of research, development and testing by Thync neuroscientists and engineers. The calm and energised modes work on two different parts of the nervous system – the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions that regulate the body for action or tranquility respectively. This essentially causes a feeling that can be equated to meditation or the invigoration of splashing cold water on your face.

The California based outfit is back now with a second generation device to help you reach a more calm and peaceful state. Only this time the little gadget is meant to be attached to back of the neck using disposable electrode pads, and its dropped the focus inducing technology and focused on sleep instead.

Thync Relax Pro uses low-level electrical stimulation patterns to deliver stress relief through gentle nerve stimulation. There  are two different programmes to choose from, Thync Deep Relax and Thync Deep Sleep. This is done via the accompanying smartphone app which also allows you to customise the settings.

Image source: Thync

“There are nerves in back of your neck, connected to two regions of the brain, and they affect your stress and sleep,” said Isy Goldwasser, CEO of Thync, in an interview with VentureBeat.

“We have been at this for five years. The first three were research, and now we are getting it into the market. It’s important to get it to people who need it the most, for those who sleep less than five hours a night.”

Stress is sometimes called the ‘Epidemic of the 21st century’. Over two-thirds of visits to physicians are from stress related illnesses. The medical costs alone have been estimated in the United States at well over $1 billion dollars per year. Reducing your stress levels can not only make you feel better right now, but may also protect your health long-term.

In the world of wearable technology, tracking fitness activity is typically the main goal. Thync Relax Pro is one of a growing number of devices trying to gauge your state of mind and help you reduce stress.

There is not info yet on availability, but you can pre-order now on Just like the original, you can opt for a monthly subscription which will provide you with replaceable strips. The device itself with retail for $149, while the monthly service will set you back $29.

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