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The new HidrateSpark Pro is the largest connected water-bottle around

HidrateSpark have announced a Pro variant of its smart water bottle. It comes in a number of size options including a 32oz design making it the largest such device on the market.

The Minneapolis-based company has already dished out a number of generations of its popular Hidrate Spark watter bottle. What makes this product stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is equipped with lights that remind you to take a sip during the day by flashing lights in one of 6 different color combinations. You can even customize the lights via the app. The whole bottle glows so you are bound to spot the alert. But if you don’t, an additional way of notifying you is in the form of smartwatch notifications.

HidrateSpark Pro
Image source: HidrateSpark

Beyond that, the bottle automatically records how many oz/ml of liquid you’ve taken in and sends the information via Bluetooth to its HidrateSpark App smartphone app. This is where you can sift through the charts, follow trends, notifications, trophies, set goals and more.

The app also figures out how much water you should drink daily based on your specific vitals metrics, as well as external auxiliary info such as exercise, elevation and current weather. Some of this information can be exchanged with Fitbit devices and the Apple Watch as the device syncs to both.

HidrateSpark Pro
Image source: HidrateSpark

The new larger-sized HidrateSpark Pro carries over the same features as the non-Pro variant. Apart from the size, a major difference is there’s no need for battery replacements as you now have the ability to charge the smart LED sensor puck. As before, the stainless steel vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

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HidrateSpark Pro comes in four different size and various color options. The smallest Pro is the 17oz stainless steel which retails from for $64.99 on the manufacturer’s website. Other variants include the 21oz stainless steel ($69.99), 24oz Tritan plastic ($59.99) and the 32oz stainless steel ($79.99). All of these can also be picked up on Amazon (check price).

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