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EEC registration hints at a first Poco branded smartwatch

A regulatory filing was spotted on the Russian Electronics Certification organisation (EEC) website for the first smartwatch under the Poco brand.

For those that might not be aware, Poco sits under the tech giant Xiaomi umbrella. Established in 2018, its product range has been mostly about inexpensive mid-range smartphones so far. There have been 11 products in its three year history. All of these have been smartphones, most of them rebranded Redmi smartphones.

If this regulatory filing is anything to go by, Poco is now looking to expand its sights. The regulatory filing explicitly mentions a Poco smartwatch that goes under the moniker M2131W1 (via leakster, Piyush Bhasarkar on Twitter). The paperwork is dated February 16th 2022. This is the only filing so far for the device, there’s nothing yet on or FCCID.

Poco smartwatch
Image source: EEC

The EEC filing screenshot above doesn’t reveal very much about the upcoming device. But it does reveal one interesting bit of information – the smartwatch manufacturer is 70mai. This is another Xiaomi sub-brand which has a range of automobile dash cams in its lineup of products.

The reason why 70mai was chosen was probably because it has a smartwatch under its belt. Launched two years ago, the 70mail Saphir smartwatch is a budget wearable that is suitable for both everyday wear and sports. The device comes with 17 sports activities, continuous monitoring of heart rate, sleep monitoring, breathing exercises and more.

In all likelihood, Poco’s device will also be inexpensive – probably sub $100. Despite having access to Xiaomi’s wide technical expertise, we are not really expecting any headline grabbing innovations. Most likely it will be a repackaging of what we have seen many times before. A branding exercise and a device that might be attractive to those that are holding a Poco smartphone.

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The news about the watch should not come as a big surprise. In late 2021 the company’s Global head Kevin Qiu hinted at an expansion of their product range.

“We always think smartphone plus IoT is a key strategy for us,” he said. 

This indicates that Poco’s goal is a host of smart products that could go well beyond a smartwatch. Further down the line the ecosystem could include typical iOT devices such as power banks, audio products and more.

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