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NURVV Run to get Running Economy metric and Running Coach

The most intelligent insoles around are about to get even smarter. New features are coming to NURVV Run called Running Economy and Running Coach.

I reviewed the gear about a year and a half ago. NURVV Run offers unprecedented insights into a person’s running technique. It’s the type of data you only get in pricey athletic laboratories. The smart insoles are probably the coolest running tech I’ve used!

NURVV Run are lightweight and durable – and they slip into any training shoe. The whole system is very easy to use and you can connect it to your Garmin or Apple Watch. Or simply use the insoles on their own or with the smartphone app.

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The gizmo spits out metrics you have probably not come across before. These offer unprecedented insights into your running technique allowing you to understand problem areas before it’s too late. Even if your running technique is fine, NURVV Run identifies areas for improvement.

NURVV Run: Running Economy

Pretty soon, NURVV Run will get additional functionality. This comes in the form of something called Running Economy – a metric that calculate the efficiency of your running technique and is calculated in metres per kcal.

Think of it in terms of an automobile – this is similar to its miles per gallons of fuel metric. The more distance you cover with the same energy burned, the better. Running Economy can even be used to estimate how fast you should be able to race particular distances.

NURVV Run Running Economy
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The info will be displayed in the accompanying smartphone app. For each running session you will find your average Running Economy for that activity. This is disected further into:

  • Running Economy per split
  • Your most Economical split
  • Your moment-to-moment Running Economy
  • How your Running Economy varied with pace
  • How your Running Economy varied with your running form

NURVV RUN: Running Coach

This type of info allows you to identify which split was the most economical and focus on the reasons why. What’s more, an upcoming Running Coach feature will give you personalized insights on ways to improve your Running Economy.

You’ll be able to do this by tweaking your step length, foot-strike and cadence. The app will suggest pace improvement ranges or you can set those by yourself. Then its a matter of following the customized training programmes to make improvements in your running technique.

NURVV RUN Form Coach
Image source: NURVV

An upcoming update will also see Training Blocks added to Form Coach. Here, NURVV will not only create personalised workouts but also guide the user through progressive Training Blocks. Hopefully, this should result in gradual improvements in your running efficiency. These certainly sound like worthwhile updates to an already unique product.

NURVV Run is available to buy on Amazon and The insoles can be used with all types of running shoes and can even help you decide which shoes work best for you.

My detailed review of NURVV Run can be found on this link.

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