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Scanwatch gets activity reminders & new hands behavior

Scanwatch has received a new software update. This one adds activity reminders, new hands behavior and a workout mode.

We wrote recently the French-based outfit is working on adding heart rate variability (HRV) readings to Scanwatch. This was revealed on a support forum and it seems the company has been perfecting the functionality over the past few months. It should arrive at some point via a software update.

Today, the company announced announced Firmware – 2421. It doesn’t bring HRV readings but it does add a few other features.

What’s new?

New activity reminder on the watch

For starters, users will get the option to switch on Activity reminders. Long overdue, most fitness trackers and smartwatches have this. The functionality kicks into gear if you haven’t been moving over the last hour. Scanwatch will vibrate to remind you that it is time to get off the sofa.

To activate the feature, go to Devices > ScanWatch > Settings > Health features: Activity reminder. Then, simply sync your watch with Health Mate.

New hands behavior to reveal the digital display screen

Another feature that comes as part of this update is something called 10:10 hands. This simply means – if the watch hands are covering a part of the digital screen so are in the way, you can do something about it. Press the dial and the hands will automatically position themselves to 10:10 so that the whole digital screen is revealed. 10:10 hands are activated by default – but you can switch it off by going to the settings on the watch.

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Finally, the last feature that is new as part of firmware 2421 is a Workout mode. When starting a workout, the watch will remind you to tighten your wristband. Those who exercise with the Scanwatch know that this is necessary for the timepiece to capture accurate heart rate measurements. The device is rather heavy so it should be sitting firmly against your wrist when exercising. Withings adds, it is now possible to see the time while working out.

Other then that, there are some UI improvements and the typical bug squashing. The firmware has been released but it might take a week or two before it reaches everyone. You can check out the release notes on this page.

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