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Garmin Fenix 6 Series gets a hefty Public Beta software update

A public beta for the Fenix 6 Series has just been made available. It comes with added support for the Connect IQ system 5, new alerts, Resting Heartrate True-Up, better sleep tracking and much more.

Yes, the Fenix 7 might be out but a very large segment of the Fenix 6 crowd is still holding on to their old watch. Let’s face it, there are some nice updates with the latest generation but they are not really enough to prompt the bulk of Fenix 6 owners to upgrade. Particularly as new features are still being added to the Fenix 6 range. It is good that Garmin is not burning bridges when it comes to “older” hardware.

20.82 Public Beta software update

To start off, this version of the software brings support for Connect IQ system 5 (CIQ5). A number of “old” watches such as the Forerunner 745 and 945 have already received this. As have all the 2022 releases such as the Venu 2 Plus, Fenix 7 and Instinct 2. Introduced in October 2021, CIQ5 brings new metrics and data access to the Connect IQ API, revamped App Store analytics and the ability to access the CIQ store on the watch and to control watch settings from the Connect smartphone app.

Other upgrades come in the form of alerts to inform the user that wifi networks configured to WEP security are no longer supported (Pro versions of Fenix 6). There’s also a notification each time a new emergency contact is added from Garmin Connect and a tip to reboot your watch if GPS is not managing to secure a fix before an activity. We’ve all been there…

Garmin has also added the Resting Heartrate (RHR) True-Up feature. This means your RHR will now sync to all devices that are connected to your Garmin account.

Another update worth mentioning is enhanced strength tracking. It now includes a better workout preview with a map of muscles that will be used, along with improvements to rep and weight editing.

Sleep tracking is also supposed to be better, both for detection when you fall asleep and identifying stages. There are improvements to the Run/Idle detection algorithm. Which means your Garmin should be better at detecting when you have stopped.

A few other updates worth mentioning:

  • added an Endurance Horseback Riding Activity
  • added a new Easyhunt feature to the DogTrack app.
  • improvements to incident detection
  • Lots and lots of fixes

You can view the full change-log on this link.

How to update

The latest firmware update is still in Beta form. It can be installed on all versions of the Fenix 6 watch, so 6s, 6s Pro, 6, 6 Pro and 6x Pro. If you’ve never installed a Beta before, a word of warning. There’s a reason the software is not meant for wide public dissemination. Garmin is test running it to check if there are bugs. So proceed with that caution. A regular public release should follow in 2-3 weeks time.

We’ve done a separate article with instructions on how to install a Beta version of Garmin software. And remember. There is a way to backdate the software if you are not happy with the Beta, but that will reset all the watch settings.

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7 thoughts on “Garmin Fenix 6 Series gets a hefty Public Beta software update

  • Any idea when the updates will be available for APAC version of the Fenix 6? Some of us are still in 19.4 ☹️

    • I’m in NZ and am currently on 20.5 – It only updated for me when plugged into PC however, so maybe give that a go if you haven’t tried already.

    • My Fenix 6 was purchased I November 2021. Is there a chance that this update is already on it?

  • What about fenix 3 users

  • Will this update finally allow using the watch in areas where there is no Wi-Fi? My 6X Sapphire had been sitting in a drawer for over a year waiting for that to happen. The watch is useless to me if I can’t access the watch from my phone with no data connection.

  • Qualcuno mi sa dire perché è scomparso il dato temperatura sull’app piscina?


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