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Nest Hub to get deep Fitbit and Google Fit integration

According to a new Google support article, Nest displays will soon be able to display activity metrics such as steps and calories burned from connect Google Fit or Fitbit accounts. The ultimate aim is for this to become the control hub for showing your health data on smart displays.

The functionality comes on top of the sleep tracking ability which is already available in a Wellness section introduced least year for Google Assistant. This shows sleep stats for a range of available devices. You are able to control which of these will proactively show the data.

The newly added Google support article explains how to link your Google Fit or Fitbit account, turn on personal results and update wellness settings on Nest Hub. Of course, when personal results are switched on, anyone with access to the device will be able to see your wellness stats. Exactly how this will work with multiple users wearing a Fitbit or WearOS device remains to be seen. And let’s not forget the upcoming Pixel Watch. One could potentially get around this will proximity detection.

When the functionality is up and running, you’ll presumably be able to ask verbally to display these stats on the Nest screen. The support article has been added in the Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) section so it is unclear whether the original Nest Hub or the Hub Max will be compatible. We will only know for sure when Google rolls out the functionality, and the timing of this is yet to be announced.

But it is interesting that Fitbit has also been added to the list of available sources. It is high time we see some sort of deeper integration between the two companies. So far, there has been little to show on the surface from Google’s acquisition of the wearables manufacturer.

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The deeper integration will certainly be welcome when it arrives. Something like this will make the Google Assistant more useful when it comes to health and fitness management. There is a lot of innovation that Google could potentially offer its users although it will probably want to avoid the creep factor.

One example that springs to mind, Google Assistant could look at your Google Calendar events to determine how busy you are, and then suggest an appropriate workout based on this and other factors such as how well you slept. A few years ago there were hints the company was working on this type of functionality but we’ve not heard anything beyond the initial leak.

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