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Sony releases Wena 3 Japanese superhero film Ultraman edition

To mark the May 13th release of Japanese superhero film Shia Ultraman, Sony has released a limited edition Wena 3 smartwatch.

This is along the lines of the Wena 3 which was released in late 2020. That one is a band that can turn any traditional watch into a smart one. The clever bits are hidden away in the strap, plus there’s a display at the underside of the band that can fit several lines of text.

Wena 3 Shia Ultraman edition is a traditional looking smartwatch which will be super limited as the Japanese tech giant is only making 1000 pieces to be sold around the globe. The timepiece can already be found on the Sony Japan website, ready to be pre-ordered.

If you want to grab one of these it will cost you a hefty 68,200 yen (around $520). It is also worth knowing that you won’t actually get the watch until November 7th, so its a rather long wait.

Sony Wena 3
Image source: Sony

The device carries design elements along the lines of the Shia Ultraman film, a reimagining of the popular 1966 Ultraman TV series. To this end it packs a silver-tray barrel-shaped metallic frame. The bezel is reminiscent of Ultramar’s face, while the three hands correspond to the individual elements of Ultraman and Defense Force in Shin Ultraman.

Sony Wena 3
Image source: Sony

The ripple button motif of “Veta Capsule”, an item used by Shinji Kaminaga, the main character who appears in the film, is attached to the dial and the dragon head. Turn the watch on its back and you’ll notice a replica of Shinji Kaminaga’s dog tag engraved in the case.

Sony Wena 3
Image source: Sony

Of course, this is a smartwatch so you do get some clever functionality. As this is a Wena 3, the smart bits are concealed in the buckle part of the silicone band. This includes an accelerometer, electrostatic touch sensor, microphone, illuminance sensor and heart rate sensor.

In a sense you get a traditional display coupled with a second 20mm OLED screen on the buckle part. The first doesn’t do anything beyond shows the current time. The latter, however, can display incoming calls, emails, app notifications, schedules, weather, timers, alarms. There’s also support for Alexa and Find Your Smartphone. Furthermore, the buckle spits out info on steps, heart rate, stress, sleep, body energy, calories burned and Vo2Max.

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The watch is 5 ATM rated so you can swim with it. As far as battery life, between charges it should keep going for about a week. About an hour and a half on the charger is enough to go from zero to full.

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