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Massive software update 8.18 for Garmin Fenix 7 and Epix 2 is now live

Garmin has started the public rollout of software version 8.18 for Fenix 7 and Epix 2. This is a massive update with a long list of additions and fixes. For the past few weeks the software has been only available in Beta.

Some other Garmin watches are also receiving software upgrades today. This includes the Fenix 6, Instinct 2, Enduro, MARQ series and a number of Forerunners.

Garmin Fenix 7, Epix 2 software version 8.18

Here’s the full change-log of added and changed features:

  • Palm screen support while in Connect IQ apps.
  • Improved ability to modify settings in Garmin Connect mobile app.
  • Added Adventure Race start and end time to post activity summary UI.
  • Added Acclimation, Pace, Detailed Speed, Bouldering Metrics, Strength Metrics, and Indoor Climbing Metrics to post activity summary UI.
  • Added ability to perform Map Manager wifi map downloads when connecting to a computer.
  • Added download time estimation to map manager.
  • Added support for preloaded maps to update via map manager (Golf and Ski maps, etc.)
  • Added ability to toggle smart notifications in notifications and alerts menu.
  • Added ability to change the record activity setting mid-round for Golf.
  • Added new watch face data field types: 1, 2, 3 item raw data fields, sunrise/sunset, calories, alternate time zones, body battery, steps.
  • Added ability to go back to a Connect IQ watch face while in an activity.
  • Added prompt when user tries to start a Connect IQ app that records an activity when an activity is already being recorded.
  • Added option menu to Heart Rate app.
  • Added Stamina fields to the Adventure Racing activity.
  • Added a message that displays when heart rate dependent features are launched when Heart Rate tracking setting is disabled.
  • Added prompt when accesssing PulseOx glance when wrist heart rate is turned off.
  • Added Fitness Age display to User Profile settings.
  • Added Streak display to Steps widget.
  • Added Connect IQ System 5 support.
  • Added Fish activity, Green Contours support to golf and Horseback Riding activity.
  • Added support for TM2 position formatting.
  • Added a side options menu to the sleep widget.
  • Added Compass settings to the Adventure Race options menu.
  • Added support for the following Extended Display data fields: Stamina, steps, active calories, and battery hours.
  • Added Enhanced Strength functionality, which includes an improved workout preview with a map of muscles that will be used, improved User Interface in free mode and workouts, and improvements to the Rep and Weight editing experience.
  • Added ability to access action menus via touchscreen tap.
  • Changed backlight keys setting to Keys and Touch – disabling Backlight response for button presses will now also prevent the backlight from responding to Touchscreen input.
  • Changed wording of “Stand” time to “Idle” time.

There’s also a bunch of fixes and improvements. The list just goes on and on. You can read the full change-log on this link.

There are several ways to update your watch. To check which version of the software you are running go to Settings>About on your Garmin. It will be written there.

The easiest way to install the refresh is through the iOS or Android Garmin Connect App. Simply open the smartphone app and you’ll be prompted whether you wish to install the update. Don’t panic if you don’t see it. Remember, this is a progressive rollout so may take a while to reach you. Garmin Express software can also install any available updates for you. 

You can check out our detailed guide on how to install updates on this link.

Other Garmin watches are also getting software upgrades

Fenix 7 and Epix 2 are not the only Garmin watches getting some love today. Fenix 6, the MARQ series and Enduro are also getting an update in the form of software version 21.00.

Once again there’s a sizeable list of fixes and improvements in addition to the following new functionality.

  • Added support for Connect IQ system 5.
  • Added a new tip to inform the user each time a new emergency contact is added from Garmin Connect.
  • Added a new tip that will recommend the user to reboot the device if the GPS is unresponsive while waiting for a fix before an activity.
  • Added a new tip to notify the user that the Wrist Heart Rate Sensor is disabled. This tip will be displayed whenever accessing a heartrate-related glance while the wrist heartrate sensor is turned off on the device.
  • Added the Horseback activity.
  • Added the new Easyhunt feature to the DogTrack app.
  • Added the Resting Heartrate True-Up feature. RHR data now gets trued-up so that all devices tied to the same account will have the same RHR value.
  • Added enhanced strength functionality, which includes an improved workout preview with a map of muscles that will be used, improved UI in free mode and workouts, and improvements to the rep and weight editing experience.
  • Added animation to progress arc when viewing Intensity Minutes widget.

The full change long can be found here.

Other Garmin watches getting an update today include the Instinct 2 series (change-log), along with the Forerunner 55 (change-log), 245 (change-log), 745 (change-log) and 945 (change-log). So make sure to check if the device on your wrist is running on the latest software.

The company has recently introduced a new Public Beta program. Rather than downloading manually Beta versions of the software, you need to register via the web Garmin Connect dashboard. After that, these types of updates will automatically make their way to your watch.

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