NORM 1: a classic watch with hidden OLED display & all the smart functions

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Not everyone wants a smartwatch and some people prefer the contemporary look. But they are missing out on the latest tech and convenience this brings. Not to mention the health functions. Sure there are hybrid watches and they are the next best thing. But typically, they do not look entirely like a traditional watch and combine visible elements of both.

Danish-made NORM 1 is a beautiful, minimalistic smartwatch that is unique. This is a device designed to appeal not only to sports and tech enthusiasts – a smartwatch for everyone.

The NORM 1 looks and feels like a traditional timepiece. There’s absolutely no difference. It acts like a smartwatch only when activated, or a call or notification comes through. At that point the invisible OLED will spring to life revealing the tech behind the classic surface. A vibration will also be activated to draw your attention.

And this is the main difference between NORM 1 and other hybrid timepieces. The latter typically comes with a smart display which is visible at all times. NORM 1 watch doesn’t. At most times, it will look completely like the classic thing.

NORM 1 watch

Very customisable

The device provides you with full control. The smartphone app allows you to specify which notifications and messages are allowed to come through to the watch. This includes text and social media alerts (WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and more).

Unlike most smartwatches out there, this one lets you read the full message on the OLED display. It will show as scrolling text. Which means no need to reach for the smartphone. If you prefer not to be bothered, you can even switch off all smart functions and the timepiece will function as a traditional watch.

NORM 1 watch

Quality materials

The timepiece combines functionality with an elegant, unisex design. Its 3 ATM-rated body is constructed of 316L stainless steel with Sapphire Glass protection. The custom designed strap uses a combination of fabric material and rubber. This means there’s no need to swap the band as the rubber will protect from water and dust.

To this end, the device also acts like a basic activity and health watch. It monitors heart rate around the clock, steps and estimates calories spent. At night it will track sleep for better understanding of your body. There’s also an accompanying smartphone app where you can check out the stats in detail and customise the OLED display and other watch functions.

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Three years in the making NORM 1 watch has just hit Kickstarter. The campaign is doing well having raised around $140,000 with 32 more days to go. If all goes well with production, a pledge of $185 will get one of these delivered to your doorstep by October. The watch comes in a 42mm case, and packs 7 days of battery life with 21 days standby.

NORM 1 watch

Price: $185 and up

Raised:$138,796 of $10,536 goal

Estimated delivery: October 2022
32 days to go

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Norm 1 smartwatch

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