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Withings teases May 17th US debut of Scanwatch Horizon

Withings has announced that Scanwatch Horizon will arrive in the US on May 17th. The device was originally unveiled in Europe in October last year and sold out just a few days following its launch.

Withings Horizon is a luxury version of Scanwatch packed with medical grade health features in a divers-style design. Horizon comes with a rotating bezel, luminescent indexes and upgraded water resistance to 10 ATM.

It’s predecessor has been around for a couple of year snow. It is sold in European countries and some other regions and started selling in the US in the latter part of last year. This is when the company received FDA approval for the device.

We reviewed the health tracking hybrid a while ago and gave it a solid 8 out of 10 points. The timepiece is for those that want to keep tabs on health, activity and sleep, but in something that doesn’t look like a fitness tracker. On-demand electrocardiograms (ECGs), monitoring for heart irregularities, respiration during sleep and blood oxygen saturation are all there. As is the more basic activity and sports tracking functionality. No built-in GPS, though, just Connected GPS.

Withings Scanwatch Horizon – the same hybrid but with a divers style revamp

Withings Horizon
Image source: Withings

The French outfit built on the previous design and functionality, to come up with something slightly different. The original Scanwatch offers powerful health tracking with a touch of class. Horizon makes the device even more beautiful and elegant. Withings says the watch’s look has been inspired by the luxury diver watch tradition.

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The hybrid still packs an analogue face design in a 43mm case. But this has been enhanced with features you’d find in high-end diving timepieces. This entails a stainless-steel rotating bezel with laser engraved markings incorporating the standard codes of diving practice. Horizon also has a sapphire-glass casing with anti-reflection coating and a titanium finish. Everything is made all the more beautiful thanks to Luminova hollow watch hands, indicators, and thick indices that allow it to be used in low light.

As you’d expect from a divers watch, the water-resistance has been boosted from 5ATM on its predecessor to 10 ATM. This makes Scanwatch Horizon conducive for activities such as swimming, snorkeling and water-sports.

Mind you, all the same, great health-tracking functionality is still there. This is coupled with excellent 30-day battery life. You can get an extra 20 days in power reserve mode. About two hours is how long it takes to charge from zero to full.

Withings Scanwatch Horizon is a limited edition timepiece

Scanwatch Horizon was made available in Europe last year. This is a limited edition watch and all the units that were allocated to the UK and the rest of Europe quickly sold out after the launch.

On May 17th we’ll get the US reveal. The wearable will sell for $499.95 and there will be a Green and Blue model to choose from. In the box you’ll also find a Oyster Metal Link wristband for the classic diver watch look and a fluoroelastomer band for more general sports usage. Those who wish to purchase the timepiece can register their interest on the Withings website.

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