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ONVY app has more than 320 wearable integrations, join the Beta test

First off, we’re not affiliated with ONVY Health Tech in any way – but are participating in the Beta test of an interesting iOS smartphone app. If you have wearables from different manufacturers, it might pique your interest.

We don’t often write about health and fitness smartphone apps unless they come directly from a wearables manufacturer. However, the ONVY app has potential to be very useful.

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This is because it solves a problem many wearable tech enthusiasts have. The apps from different brands are typically not designed to speak to each other.

ONVY HealthTech is currently developing a health management smartphone app with more than 320 wearable integrations. This includes integrations from Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Misfit, Withings, Strava, Google Fit and more. The company’s aim is to empower their users to manage and optimize their physical and mental fitness with a holistic approach. 

The app has recently been made public in Beta and is available in all international iOS app stores. You can download, install and test it for free on:

It’s not a finished product.

As this is still work in progress, the features will develop over time. So, it’s not a finished product.

Currently you are able to link all your accounts and the information will be pulled at regular intervals. It syncs in one direction – from your different apps to OMNY. I’ve had no issues with connecting my Garmin, Withings and Apple Health accounts.

For now, the home screen shows a Balance Score, Recovery, Activity, Mindfulness and Stress. Each of these is rated on a scale from 0 to 100. The info is designed to help you balance your physical and mental strain on a data-driven basis. So your ideal daily sweet spot for each of the main categories is shown “in the zone”.

I really like the way the app is designed and think it has quite a bit of potential. Something that seamlessly consolidates your data from different wearable accounts is sorely needed. Particulary for wearable tech geaks such as myself.

The company says it has a pretty exciting feature roadmap and new functionality will drop over the next few months. In time, you will get personalized recommendations and access to advanced health & performance programs. The AI Health Coach will help you to optimally balance physical and mental strain on a data-driven basis. The software will guide you to peak health & performance without damaging effects of stress or overload. At least, that’s the idea.

ONVY Health Tech are looking for early user feedback on the Beta app. As an incentive, they will give away 3 months for free for their premium features when they are launched in the 2nd half of 2022. This is an early access offer for the first 250 users that download the app.

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