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Withings is looking for iOS users to help test Beta versions of Health Mate app

Withings is looking for IOS users to join beta tests of upcoming versions of the Health Mate app.

The French-based company has added that this invitation is not open to Android users. Currently the Android Beta tests are completely full.

Anyone with a Withings device will have come across the Health Mate app. This is the central repository of all data churned out by the wide selection of Withings-made devices. Everything, from activity to sleep, weight, blood oxygen and heart rate is there. Plus you can see trends, your progress, and get coaching to help you improve over time.

You won’t get any particular benefit by installing Beta software apart from getting an early preview into functionality that will be added to the public version in the near future. But you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the company develop its software. Bugs will automatically register and you’ll have the option of directly reporting feedback to Withings developers. Think of it as a good deed from a loyal customer. It might also give you a chance to suggest new functionality.

How to join

Typically, installing Beta software comes with risks. But this is not the case here. It is because your regular Health Mate app lives separately on your iOS device from the Beta version.

You can join in the fun by clicking on this link. It takes you to a page with a link to download the TestFlight app in the App Store. Once you install this, go back to the web page and click on the link that says “Start Testing”.

TestFlight is a product that lets developers test Beta versions of their apps safely. Many companies use this when developing software.

If you choose to participate in the Beta, it is on Version 5.10.3 at the time of writing this article. You can open it through the TestFlight app. There’s also a change log letting you know what features were last added, along with a link to “Send Beta Feedback”.

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Software installed through TestFlight has an expiry date. Currently, this is set to 80 days for the Withings Beta app. Considering the Beta is an ongoing stream that is constantly under development, as each new version comes out that date will be pushed further into the future.

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