The month-long Apple Watch employee challenge is back on

Apple’s annual employee “Close Your Rings” challenge which is meant to inspire employees to get out and about is back on.

We say annual challenge, but a couple of years ago the challenge did not happen. At the time it was a tricky situation. Apple’s staff was affected by the coronavirus outbreak just like everyone else. But the situation was compounded for the company as much of its supply chain is located in China. Many factories were closed in that country and Apple itself had, quite rightly, shut down stores, offices and contact centres in many other locations. Luckily, things have slowly been returning back to normal since then.

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The challenge was back last year, and it is back again in 2022. In fact, it has already started on July 1st and will continue throughout this whole month. During July, employees will be able to compete for “bragging rights, points and prizes as you move, exercise and stand your way to a better you,” the company told its staff.

Apple employees ring challenge

Those who earn at least 1240 points during the four weeks will be rewarded for their efforts. This will be a special black quarter-zip performance jacket that is pictured above. Prominently on the left side, it shows Apple’s fitness rings. In some of the previous years the reward was a t-shirt which a similar type design so the stakes are higher in 2022.

This challenge should not be confused with other Apple challenges which happen at various times throughout the year. These are available to Apple Watch users in all or a select number of regions. The employee “Close Your Rings” challenge is only available to Apple corporate and retail staff.

Source: MacRumours

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