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Fitbit Luxe also gets the Find Phone feature

A new firmware update for Fitbit Luxe has just landed. It adds a bunch of clock faces along with the Find Phone app to your tracker.

We wrote a few day ago about an update that has started rolling out for Charge 5. It has a very similar change-log.

The most notable change is the Find my Phone feature. This has been on the Fitbit Community “Feature Suggestions” section for a while now. It allows you to ping your phone from the wearable on your wrist making it easier to find. Perfect if you are in a rush to leave your house to get to work in the morning, but simply cannot remember where you left your phone.

A few conditions must be met in order for this to work. For starters, your phone needs to be paired to your Fitbit and switched on. Its Bluetooth connection must also be enabled, and the phone should not be more than 10 meters away from your Fitbit.

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Update number 1.171.50 now brings this over to Luxe. Once the new software is installed, you should see Find Phone app in the list of apps.

Other changes that come as part of this software refresh include a bunch of new clock faces in the Fitbit Gallery of the Fitbit app. If you want to try them out, open the Today tab in the Fitbit smartphone app. Then choose your profile picture and then your device image. Tap Gallery > Clocks. The choice of watch faces is displayed on that page. Simply choose the one you want and click on Install.

Finally, while the Charge 5 firmware update also fixes a battery drain issue on the tracker. However, this doesn’t come as part of the software for Luxe. Presumably because users did not experience any problems with their batteries.

Once again, this is a gradual rollout. Some users may have already installed the update, others may need to wait a bit longer. When it is made available in your region, you should receive a prompt in the Fitbit app.

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  • Where on the Fitbit luxe? I’ve gone through all the menus and can’t find it. I saw it by accident once but can’t find it again ☹️


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