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Amazfit T-Rex 2 gets route import, real-time navigation & more

The latest firmware update brings a bunch of features to the Amazfit T-Rex 2 including route import, real-time navigation and training templates.

The watch has not been around for long. Launched about two months ago, it is a durable device made for the outdoorsy types. The original iteration was unveiled a couple of years ago. It packs a lot into a design that can take quite a beating. The company has followed that up with a Pro version in 2021.

This latest edition has a large 1.39 inch, longer battery life than predecessor generations, dual-band five satellite positioning and the same super-tough build while retaining the lightweight design. It has support for over 150 different sports and comes with some Firstbeat metrics sprinkled in. You can read more on how T-Rex and T-Rex Pro compare on this link.

If you are looking for a Garmin-type watch with a lot of the same features, the T-Rex 2 might peak your interest. Particularly as it is a much less expensive option than the Garmin.

Firmware update brings a bunch of features

Now the T-Rex 2 is getting some new smarts. They are being introduced via an over-the-air software refresh.

Navigation features

For starters, users are getting route import and real-time navigation. The first allows you to import GPX, TCX or KML route files directly onto the watch. You can download them from anywhere, including Strava, and then upload to the Zepp App and sync to your device. The other option to download a route directly via a locations QR code.

The route import operation is as follows. Select route file > Open with Zepp > Save route > Send to device.

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As you navigate down these routes, you will be able to follow your journey in real-time on the watch display. This should ensure you can have more confidence navigation unfamiliar territory on those outdoor adventures.

You can also save the current locations points on the watch during outdoor workouts. Then you can use the device to navigate back to the saved locations points. To save a location select: Outdoor sports > Pause > Navigation > Save Current Location.

If you need to return to the starting location by the original route, use TracBack. The operating is as follows: Outdoor sports > Pause > Navigation > Back to the Start Point > TrackBack.

Training Templates

The other new feature are Training Templates. It allows users to create training templates across 11 different sports.

The procedure is as follows: Zepp App > Profile > T-Rex 2 Device Page > Training > Create Training Template > Sync to Watch.

You can divide a workout template into sections – such as Warm Up, Training, Rest, Recovery and Warm Down. This can be repeated up to 30 times for each individual template. You can even set the watch to automatically progress through the pre-defined stages based on actual workout data or send reminders. All of this can be customised in the Zepp Health app.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 real-time navigation

Post workout, the smartphone app and watch will show your performance in detail. This can be reviewed for the workout as a whole, as well as each individual stage.

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4 thoughts on “Amazfit T-Rex 2 gets route import, real-time navigation & more

  • Gpx can’t transfer in Zepp.i try with different file and phone, at this time this is a fake news fronte amazfit.

  • Cannot get routes to show after I upload. Nor do I see the Zepp Coach Card

  • The most important function of a GPS device is not to follow precooked routes but to now where you are, that is the essence of outdoor survival. In the case of he watch this means easy access simple screen to ones latitude longitude location. Somehow this most important feature is currently missing from the T-Rex 2. The best GUI design for this feature is a bare n bones basic two line window with latitude longitude on top of each other that occupies the whole watch screen allowing for lager font, as opposite to both latitude and longitude in only one line which reduce the size of the font and clarity in half.


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