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Withings will kill the Thermo app next year

Withings has said it is planning to discontinue the Thermo app starting in May 2023. The functionality will be ported over to Health Mate.

We reviewed Withings Thermo back in late 2020. The smart, contactless thermometer allows for quicker and more comfortable use than its traditional counterparts or in-ear thermometers. It is an ultra-hygenic way to take a temperature. Which, of course, is very important during a pandemic. The device has been around since 2016.

You can use Withings Thermo on its own, or in conjuction with the Thermo app. The latter has benefits in that it proves additional info and a detailed log of readings. It also allows you to set up multiple users.

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What we didn’t really like, when testing out the product, is the fact that all other Withings wearables work through another smartphone app called Health Mate. We just couldn’t see the point of having two different apps for devices that come from the same manufacturer. It is simply annoying, plus you don’t have all your health information in one central location.

The company has finally come around and decided to merge the two platforms – a sensible decision, most would agree. In May 2023, the Thermo app will be killed off. But you will be able to use Health Mate to track your temperature in addition to all the other statistics such as steps, blood pressure, weight and more.

The news was shared via email to Withings subscribers earlier today.

“Thermo is a natural fit, allowing you to cross-reference your temperature data with your blood pressure data. Now with temperature/fever tracking, you can see more about your health at a glance,” the text in the email reads.

You will be able to use the same account as with the Thermo application. Log in and you will then find your complete measurement history right in Health Mate. It is quite likely the company may introduce the temperature-tracking functionality in Health Mate well ahead of May 2023.

This year has been unusually quiet so far in terms of new products from the French brand. But we are expecting the Body Scan smart scale to debut in the coming months. In addition to standard metrics, the device will be able to assess nerve activity, detect Afib and monitor segmental body composition. We are certainly looking forward to testing out that one.

We’ve also spotted a few patent filings from Withings for a smart urine analysis device. But this has received no official mention from the company so the launch date of that one might might be a bit further off.

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