FORM Swim Goggles get Custom Workout Builder

FORM Swim Goggles have received a useful update today. It comes in the guise of a new custom swim workout tool.

A complete solution for swim tracking

This update makes FORM Swim Goggles an even more complete solution for swim tracking. We reviewed the gadget back in 2019 and found it to be a quality piece of gear.

It allows for instant feedback in the pool – in your line of vision. Which is an amazing experience.

No more losing track of where you are during the session or manually counting laps. The see-through augmented reality display shows a wealth of information in real time. There is also an option to incorporate a heart rate monitor, and we would suggest anyone who decides to purchase the googles goes that extra step.

Since our initial review FORM Swim Goggles have received a number of updates. This includes GPS performance metrics for outdoor swimming, structured workouts with real-time guidance and more.

Workout Builder helps to personalize the experience

In a sense, the new Workout Builder is an extension of the structured workouts tool launched last year. That functionality was limited to existing workouts from the FORM database. But with this new membership feature, swimmers can create their own workouts from scratch, add their coach’s workout or even edit one of FORM’s custom-designed workouts.

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You can input lap-by-lap guidance. This includes choosing sets, distance, your rest time between sets, stroke, effort and equipment. Then its a simple matter of naming and saving your workout, and syncing your goggles to the app.

Form Swim Glassses

This should help take the guesswork out of pool time and allow for a more enjoyable swim experience without any distractions. It will also help to resolve our gripe with the structured workouts tool. The fact that it is meant for intermediate and advanced swimmers, leaving beginners and those not so comfortable in the water struggling to finish the FORM-designed workout options.

FORM VP of Product Paul Hossack says that this was their most requested feature since the company launched Workouts in 2021. He adds that some more updates are on the way which will personalize the swim experience even more. This includes editing custom drill names, using Preferred Effort Scale (RPE), split stroke, split effort and more.

The smart specs can be purchased at Amazon and Swim Outlet. Intermediate, advanced swimmers and those who like to spend lots of time in the pool will appreciate one of the best swim tracking device out there.

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