FORM Swim Goggles get GPS performance metrics for outdoor swimming

Form Swim Goggles get GPS performance metrics for outdoor swimmingFrom today you are able to swim outside with FORM Swim Googles. GPS open water features has come via a firmware update for select Garmin and Apple smartwatches.

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We tested out the goggles a few months back and found them to be a great concept which works extremely well. An unobtrusive, see-through experience that is many times more convenient than any swim watch.

It is amazing to have instant feedback in the pool. No more losing track of where you are during the session or manually counting laps. The see-through augmented reality display shows a wealth of information in real time.

Now this experience is moving to open waters. Up to now you could only use them in the pool. The free software update is out today and it allows FORM to connect with compatible watches to show open water GPS metrics such as distance, pace, heart rate and elapsed time.

In case you’re wondering, you are able to use the new functionality with the Garmin Forerunner 945, fēnix 5 Plus, fēnix 6 Pro and Apple Watch Series 5/4/3. We can probably already add the Series 6 watch to this list as its due out in September.

“We’ve always envisioned the FORM goggles to be used in both the pool and open water, so this launch really completes the experience we’ve been looking to provide to swimmers,” said FORM founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt.

“We’re excited to be able to launch this at the peak of summer as more swimmers take advantage of their local lakes and beaches. Now, for the first time ever, swimmers can view their performance metrics throughout their entire open water swim.”

Just like for indoor swimming, you are able to use the goggles with a heart rate monitor, and we would suggest anyone who decides to purchase goes that extra step. They play nice with Polar OH1 and OH1+optical heart rate devices.

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This sounds like it is a very useful software refresh. It will make FORM Swim Goggles an even more complete swim tracking solution. You can check out our full review on this link.

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