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Now available for purchase nerve health tracking Withings Body Comp scale

Today, Withings has made available for purchase its new Body Comp scale. The company first revealed the device in late August, ahead of the global consumer electronics show IFA 2022

The French outfit is the one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smart connected scales. The company says this latest product will be its most precise scale to date thanks to new multi-frequency BIA capabilities.

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Interestingly, this is not the advanced scale that was announced at the start of this year. To remind, the $299.95 Withings Body Scan scale was presented at CES in January. In addition to standard metrics, it can assess nerve activity, detect Afib and monitor segmental body composition. That one is expecting its European debut in early November.

Body Comp is the latest smart scale from Withings

While we are waiting for that product, Withings has unveiled a smart scale called Body Comp. Looking very much like the rest of its range, the device comes full to the brim with health features.

Vascular Age

One of these is Vascular Age. We’ve seen this on other high-end Withings scales. The functionality is a revamped version of the Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) feature.

This is a measure of arterial stiffness or the time it takes for the pressure wave generated by the heart to travel along the arterial tree and reach your feet. Such info cannot be found on any other brand’s smart scale. The resulting value can be useful in assessing your risk of having or developing hypertension. The score ranges between optimum, normal and not optimum and it is customised to a user’s chronological age.

Withings Body Comp
Image source: Withings

Nerve Health & more

While Vascular Age has been around for a while now on select Withings scales, Nerve Health Assessment hasn’t. Computed from Electrochemical Skin Conductance, users get a Nerve Health Score which monitors the sweat glands in the feet. A low Nerve Health Score is a sign of reduced sweat gland innervation, which is linked to a degeneration of small nerve fibers. The score can be improved with daily health tweaks.

At the outset, this feature will only be available in Europe. The Nerve Health Assessment functionality can also be found in the yet-to-be released Withings Body Scan scale.

Withings Nerve Health Assesment

As mentioned, the final improvements for this scale are to do with the accuracy of weight and of body composition. You get the full gamut of data including weight, muscle mass, fat mass, water %, bone mass, BMI, and for the first time, visceral fat. The last on this list is the fat hidden around the organs in your belly.

Withings Health+

Body Comp is the first Withings device compatible with a new subscription service Withings calls Health+. This adds additional functionality to the existing Health Mate app. The idea is to provide users with customised and actionable insights into their health, and motivate them to make behavior changes through six-week habit-building modules.

The service comes free of charge for 12 months when you purchase the $209.95 Body Comp scale. You can pick it up on the Withings website with availability from other retailers to follow soon.

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