Amazfit GTR 4 & GTS 4 now sync activity data with Adidas Running

Zepp Health has announced that Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 now have the ability to sync activity data with Adidas Running.

The linkup was originally announced at the launch event of the two devices just over a month ago, ahead of IFA in Berlin. It is only now that firmware update version 7.1.0 for the Zepp App app integrates support for the Adidas Running app.

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We reviewed the GTR 4 a couple of weeks ago and were very impressed on advances made over the previous generation. The wearable is much better at tracking GPS due to the dual-frequency tech on-board, and quicker to secure the satellite signal. Also, the heart rate sensor has been much improved, plus you get the ability to connect with an external heart rate chest strap. Other enhancements include on-board storage for music, a revamp of the software platform and more.

Link-up with Adidas

The Adidas Running app, or Runtastic as it was previously known, has been around for a while. In addition to the plethora of statistics that are available, the software offers challenges, virtual races and a rich community of users. In fact, Adidas says that over 170 million people have used its software over the years.

Adidas app Zep Health

The name of the app implies that it is purely for running. But its use extends further and you can use it to keep tabs on hiking, cycling, yoga and many more activities.

Once your Zepp Health and Adidas Running accounts are connected, you will be able to share details of your exercise to the Adidas platform. This includes data such as running distance, duration, speed, start/end time and more.

Linking up the two accounts is very easy. Simply upgrade Zepp Health to version 7.1.0, which is the latest that is available. Open up the app and go to Add Accounts in the Profile tab. Choose Adidas Running and enter your Adidas Running account credentials. From that point data on, when you sync to Zepp Health, all runs that you track with your Amazfit GTR 4 or GTS 4 will find their way to the Adidas platform.

If you’ve never tried the Adidas app, give it a go. The free edition will not cost you anything, and the paid option is only for those that want all the available features. Zepp Health says other new watches, including the T-Rex 2 model, can also work with the service.

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