Motorola Moto Watch 200 gets the stamp of approval from the FCC

Moto Watch 200 has just been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The filing reveals some of the specs of the upcoming device along with a couple of images.

It seems like it has been a while since the Moto Watch 100 was unveiled. And it has. The watch was revealed back in November 2021. At the time, the CE Brands roadmap said the device would be followed by Moto Watch 200 and Moto Watch 100S. The plan was to release these in Q1 2022 as mid-level products.

However, there was no news from Motorola in Q1 or Q2. Months have gone by with no word. We were starting to think that perhaps the company has decided against releasing further watches in the series.

But today, the FCC has added a entry to its database under the moniker MOSWZ200. Look through the paperwork and you’ll notice that that filing refers to Moto Watch 200.

Dig a bit deeper and we get some images of the upcoming device. They come from the product packaging. Here’s a screenshot.

Motorola Moto 200

As expected, this is a square device with a large colour display and two physical buttons on the right-hand side. The straps are removable so you can swap them around.

This is very different from the form-factor of Moto Watch 100 which takes on a round shape. Moto Watch 100S is also expected to be circular.

As far as specs, we get a bit of insight from the product label pictured below. This reveals built-in GPS, a heart rate sensor and 5 ATM water-resistance. All pretty standard stuff. The watch will also be able to track activity and sleep as evidenced by the product packaging image. Blood oxygen will also probably be on this list as it is part of the feature-set of the entry-level Moto Watch 100.

Moto Watch 200

Moto Watch 200 was referred to as a mid-level smartwatch in the CE Brand’s roadmap. At the moment we can’t see anything different between Watch 100 and 200, apart from the design. Presumably there will be some extras which will be software based.

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Like Watch 100, we expect Watch 200 to run on Moto Watch OS rather than Google’s Wear OS. This is a lightweight health and fitness focussed operating system that allows for excellent battery life. So don’t expect the functionality of WearOS watches. Moto Watch 100 can keep going for an excellent two weeks between charges. Let’s hope Watch 200 matches or tops this.

We do not expect Moto Watch 200 to be very expensive. Last year’s version was priced at $99 so expect this new edition to slightly top that. Look for the watch to drop in the weeks ahead, most probably before mid-November.

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3 thoughts on “Motorola Moto Watch 200 gets the stamp of approval from the FCC

  • The latest Watch 100 update added support for future Google Fit integration. I’ll get any new watch Motorola slaps their name on. I live the design and battery life.

  • It’s great that it got a stamp approval but it’s been 6 months and still nothing

    • Very strange!


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