Bob & Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun review: minimalist design maximum impact

Bob & Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun






Ease of use


Value for money



  • Quality look and feel
  • The small size is a big selling point
  • Varying levels of massage intensity
  • Very quiet operation
  • Great value for money


  • Takes a long time to recharge
  • Slightly less powerful than large massage guns

There is no shortage of options if you are after a massage gun. In this hands-on review I turn my attention to the Bob & Brad Q2 Mini. This is a unique, pocket-sized massage device that offers much of the functionality of its larger rivals.

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Massage guns are great. They are probably the next best thing to going to a physical therapist. Use them regularly for relaxation and overall mind and body wellness. They offer relief from muscle soreness and pain, along with helping with blood and lymphatic circulation.

For a long time I didn’t even know about massage guns. Which can be a problem if you are serious about running. Sooner or later your muscles will become stiff from all that work. This may even lead to injury. So it is best not to skip stretching before and after a workout, and use a massage gun once in a while.

I got my hands on the Q2 Mini a few weeks ago and have been using it since as a recovery tool. I also took it with me on a trip abroad. What follows is my full review.

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Bob & Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun review: Design

Quality look & feel

Physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck have a few massage guns in their arsenal of devices. This includes the C2, T2 X6 Pro, the 721 Foot Massager and a neck and back massager. Something for everyone there. The Q2 Mini is different in that is a miniature version of the big thing.

Its size can be compared to a small bottle of water. Measuring 5.7 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches (L x W x H), it fits nicely in the palm of your hand. The measurements of the carrying case are only slightly bigger at 7 x 7 x 2.75 inches. You can’t fit the case in your pocket but it can be stored easily away in a small handbag, purse or backpack.

Bob Brad Massage Q2 Gun Mini

Inside the carrying case is space for the massage gun itself and five replaceable tips that can be used to target different muscle groups. Tuck everything neatly away, zip up the case and you’re set to go.

I had no problems taking it on my airplane carry-on-bag on a trip in Europe. It went through the scanner with no issues. But this might be country/airline dependent so it is best to consult the airport if you plan on taking it onboard a plane.

As far as build, the outside of the device is made of heavy plastic and rubber for the grip. The housing is matte black, transitioning to the glossy end-panel.

Everything looks and feels, sturdy and quality made. Very durable. When you think mini massage gun – an image of something flimsy comes to mind. That’s simply not the case with this device.

For its size, the gun is actually heavier that I expected. This was probably done purposefully, in order to add a bit of weight when you press against the muscles.

Simple controls – impressively quiet operation

As far as controls, there’s a single power-on/off button. A long press will switch the massage gun on. Keep pressing to cycle through the adjustable speeds. There are five of them – 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700 and 3000 percussions (rpm) per minute. This gives you plenty of flexibility. You’ll know which gear you are one thanks to a strip of LED lights that extend from the power button.

Bob Brad Massage Q2 Gun Mini

The vibration amplitude is 7mm which means the stroke is percussive but not that long. If you push it into your muscles you will feel the percussion, which makes the device suitable for deep tissue massage.

This offers excellent post-exercise therapy as it promotes plenty of blood flow to your muscles helping you recover from a workout. Having said that, those after a very deep percussive massage will probably want to opt for a more powerful device. The Brad & Bob C2 (view on Amazon) or one of the other devices might be a better option for them.

What impresses a lot is the fact that the Q2 Mini massage gun is very quiet during operation. Having used large massage guns in the past I know very well about the noise they can generate. As I live in an apartment building, I always made sure not to operate them late at night in order to avoid disturbing the next door neighbours. You’ll have no such problems with Q2 Mini. It has noise reduction technology and the sounds are less than 55db, even at the highest speed setting.

Five different attachments to target different muscle groups

As mentioned, there are a few different attachments that slip into the metal enclosure on the gun. Slot the one you want in the hole, and it will stay securely in place. To remove, you will need to pull firmly.

The size of the attachments is no different to what you will find on large massage guns. Where you will find a difference in size is to do with the massage gun itself. But not with the massage heads.

You get five different options in the box. These are pretty standard and include a:

  • Fork head which is good for improving flexibility. With two extending ends, it is recommended for the back, neck and spine;
  • Ball head which takes on a spherical shape and is used to massage large muscles;
  • Bullet head. This has a small tip making it easy to target tough areas. It basically provides the intensity of the fork attachment but with more accuracy;
  • Air cushion head. This one is my favourite. It has a flat round end and covers a wide area for large muscle groups. A good attachment to use if your muscles are very tight or for dealing with bruises.
  • Flat head. A general-purpose attachment. Its flat top distributes the force of the massage gun evenly. Easy to slide along the muscles.

The ball shaped head is made of a firm foam material. The Air Cushion head is made of rubbery material while the remaining attachments are made from a harder, plastic type of material.

Bob Brad Massage Q2 Gun Mini

Battery life is around 3.5 hours

In the box you will also find a charging USB-C cable. Plug this into the end of the massage gun and connect to a USB outlet when you want to refuel. You can also top up with a regular phone adapter or 5V/2A adapter. Although these are not included in the purchase.

Next to the gear lights is a little battery indicator light. That will let you know if you are running on empty. If the colour is red you have less than 30% of the battery power left. If the light starts blinking, you are down to below 20%. The blue colour indicates you still have quite a bit of massage time left. To charge fully takes between three and four hours, which is fairly lengthy as compared to the competition. When the device is charging, the light will turn to green.

The actual battery capacity comes in at 2500mAh which is good for a few massage hours. Up to 3.5 hours according to the operation manual.

Bob & Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun review: Technical specs

5 speed settings – 1800-3000 r/min
Rated power
25 W
5.7 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches (L x W x H)
Stall force
Battery voltage
Battery capacity
2500 mAh
Charging time
210 minutes
Fork Head, Ball Head, Bullet Head, Air Cushion Head, Flat Head

Bob & Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun review: How to use

The Q2 Mini Massage Gun is one of those devices where you really do not need to read the instruction booklet. Everything is self-explanatory.

Charge it up, decide on a fitting, press the power button, and cycle through the five percussion massage frequency settings until you find the one that feels right. To pause the massage unit, press the power button for 2 seconds. Press it again to resume. If you pause, the machine will switch itself off after a period of no use. That’s all there is to the controls.

As far as attachments, you just need to firmly insert the fitting inside the enclosure. The fork head is the only one which you need to be careful to align properly – otherwise it might fall out during use.

Bob Brad Massage Q2 Gun Mini

A simple controlled downward pressure motion is what is typically required when you massage yourself. There’s a little instruction booklet in the box that explains the various massage techniques. Or simply fire up Youtube and look through one of the thousands of videos on the subject.

As a large massage gun user, I was surprised about the benefits of using a smaller massage gun. It is lighter while still allowing you to put enough pressure on your muscles. The small size allows you to reach muscles you wouldn’t be able to reach with the same ease with other massage guns. This includes areas such as the back, shoulder and the inside of your legs. That’s because you are holding the massage gun in the palm of your hand so can manoeuvre it with more ease.

Also helpful is that the Q2 Mini has ergonomic silicone grips which make sure the device stays firmly in the palm of your hand. This allows for easy grip and comfort. Because it is less of a hassle to use it than large massage guns, I actually found myself reaching for the device more often than I typically would. It gave my sore running muscles much needed relief.

Bob Brad Massage Q2 Gun Mini

The company says Q2 Mini has a proprietary brushless motor inside that is very compact. In my testing it operated flawlessly. Despite using the massage gun several times per day over for the past few weeks, the motor did not stall even once. The operation manual states that the stall force of the Q2 massage gun is 32lb. In English, this means it would take a lot of pressure to stop it.

I have used massage guns in the past that come with smartphone apps. The beautify of this product is that it does away with all of that. Take it out of the little case and massage yourself. No need for an app, internet connection or anything that could complicate your life.

Safety precautions

It’s important to note that after 10 minutes of operating, the device will switch itsself off. That is a safety precaution to guard against overheating. In fact, the thing has a smart chip inside that can protect against over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature and more. After the 10 minutes, you can wait a while before turning it back on. Or immediately turn it back on and it will run for another 10 minutes.

The Q2 Mini does get a little warm after a few minutes of operation but it does not get hot. There a head dissipation air chute at one end which makes sure of that.

As with all massage guns, you should only use the device on joints and deep tissue. Don’t press it against bony areas – such as shins, backs of feet or hands or the head. That should really go without saying.

Bob & Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun review: The bottom line

The Bob & Brad Q2 Mini is a pocket-sized device that is simple to use, massages well and doesn’t cost too much. Its size means you can take it wherever you go for quick relief and relaxation. Slip it into your gym bag or purse and you’re good to go.

Where the device excels is in the strength of its motor, noiseless operation and its portability. Make no mistake, this is a serious machine that feels very solid. It may be a lightweight in terms of its size but it is a heavy-weight massager in terms of its abilities. Very easy to use and hold, definitely more comfortable to handle than its larger counterparts.

Bob & Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun

Bob & Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun
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I give the Bob & Brand Q2 Mini my highest recommendation. This is a great little product that does exactly what it is designed to do. It is an ideal purchase for those who travel a lot or have a busy on-the-go lifestyle.

Another bonus is that this is one of the cheaper massage guns on the market. You can check it out on Amazon. A purchase entitles you to a 1 year warranty. The company says if you are in any way dissatisfied with the product, they will exchange it, replace it or refund your money under the warranty.

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